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Hybrid refers to a type of cannabis that has an effect that is intermediate between that of sativa (energizing) and indica (relaxing).

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What is a hybrid?

Cannabis comes in two types, sativa and indica. Sativa plants were developed in hot climates, while indica plants were developed in cooler climates. Modern weed breeders have produced hundreds of different strains of sativa and indica. Breeders have also crossed the two types to produce strains referred to as hybrids, meaning a hybrid of sativa and indica.

What are the differences among hybrid, sativa, and indica?

Sativa, indica, and hybrid all come in various strains with different levels of THC. Sativa produces an energizing, euphoric high that is ideal for daytime use. It promotes creativity and encourages cognition and a strong focus. Indica produces a relaxing high. It promotes sleep, dreaming, and mind-wandering. Indica is ideal for nighttime use, for unwinding after the day’s work is done.

Hybrids produce a high that is intermediate between these two extremes. Some people, particularly those prone to anxiety, find the high of sativa to be too intense. They experience racing thoughts that trigger anxiety, fear, and paranoia. Other people find the relaxing effect of indica to be too strong. All they do is immediately fall asleep, completely missing out on the high and its relaxing effects. Thus, these people opt for hybrid strains with a less extreme high.

People looking for a strain that is good for nighttime partying often turn to hybrids. They want to experience some of the energy and creativity that sativa produces, but they also want to relax, de-stress, and be able to sleep at the end of the night. A hybrid strain is ideal for this purpose.

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Cannabis naturally produces male and female plants. The female plants produce flowers, and the male plants produce pollen. This system works just fine in nature and in large grow operations, but if you are interested in growing a plant or two for home use, growing male plants is a waste of time and space. In addition, the pollen produced by male plants can trigger allergy symptoms in some people, and who wants that?

Clever weed seed growers have figured out that if you treat a female plant with certain plant hormones, you can cause it to make “female pollen.” Female pollen can be used to fertilize normal female plants. All of the seeds that come from plants fertilized with “female pollen” have female chromosomes, and these seeds will only produce female, flower-producing plants. Seeds produced in this manner are called “feminized.”

Weed Seeds Ninja sells feminized seeds from an extensive assortment of hybrid strains with different levels of THC, including some as high as 38%. You can be confident that our seeds will only produce flowering plants.

Plant cannabis seeds outside in mid-spring or, if your area has a short growing season, accelerate the process by germinating the seeds indoors in early spring and then moving the plants outside in late spring. Hybrid strains will grow in practically any climate. They do prefer full sunlight, so pick a spot that gets strong sun all day long to grow your plants. They will produce an abundant crop by the end of the summer.

You’ll need to learn how to store your crop over the winter. Cannabis shouldn’t be stored in plastic containers, and it keeps best when sealed in an airtight glass container that is protected from light and extremes in temperature. It also needs to be kept at a precise humidity for the best results. If it gets too dry, the delicate flower parts will disintegrate, and if it is too moist, it will grow mold.

If you need advice on selecting a strain, growing your weed, or storing your crop, contact us.


Feminized Hybrid Seeds For Sale

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