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Following Canada’s legalization of recreational marijuana in October 2018, the number of commercial cannabis and private cultivators in Nova Scotia has increased exponentially. But producing quality yields and more potent plants starts with high-grade, stable marijuana seeds. That’s where Weed Seeds Canada (WSC) comes into play.

We at WSC believe cannabis is a superior crop with the potential to revolutionize how we treat health conditions and traumatic injuries. We are a seed bank dedicated to providing reliable, high-quality pot seeds to help growers cultivate incredible cannabis and supply high-end cannabinoid-based products.

We leverage genetics, science, and our extensive background in the cannabis seed industry to satisfy the need for refined, stable, and high-yielding crops. If you’re looking for cheap cannabis seeds in Nova Scotia, we are your trusted seed bank. Here are some top reasons why WSC is the best place to go for marijuana seeds:

  • Best selection of seeds – We boast an extensive selection of seeds that meet compliance policies, feminization, and cannabinoid levels. From regular and feminized seeds to autoflowering and hybrid seeds, you’ll find the seeds you need to grow plants with quality buds and aromatic flavors.
  • Stable tested genetics – Our cannabis seeds undergo rigorous testing and a systematic selection process, carefully observing the physical characteristics of each seed. Any seed that fails to meet the desired thresholds is discarded. Most importantly, we conduct PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing on the plants as they grow to determine the gender and THC and CBD markers.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers – We feel tacitly mandated to provide high-quality marijuana seeds at low costs to serve even the financially starved customers. Cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who share our passion for transforming the cannabis market appreciate that, and they turn to us in their thousands. We highly regard our customers and strive to provide a memorable shopping experience to ensure all our customers are satisfied.
  • Quickest shipping in Canada – While most of our competitors dispatch orders after two or four days, we ship all orders the next day after payment confirmation. That eliminates downtime in your production cycle, ensuring you maintain a consistent growing and production pattern.

Buy Seeds that Thrive in Nova Scotia

Whether you’re a novice or experienced cannabis cultivator, a small or industrial grower, outdoor or indoor grower, WSC’s NS seed bank has the seeds you need. Our product line comprises weed seeds with an unparalleled selection and exceptional quality, making us the leading cannabis seed bank in Nova Scotia. We have:

  • 700+ strains to choose from
  • 50+ fast-flowering strains
  • 200+ autoflower strains

Weed Seeds Canada is the leading expert in fast marijuana seed shipping in Canada. All orders are shipped the next after payment confirmation. Thus, we boast of being the only Canadian seed bank to provide the quickest shipping. With our guaranteed and safe cannabis seed delivery, you can confidently wait for your order, knowing we’ll deliver the products to you. Our discrete packaging options ensure you receive the seeds stealthily without raising eyebrows.

Cheap Seeds in Nova Scotia

Marijuana legalization has led to an explosion in the cannabis industry. The cannabis community is now more informed than ever before, thanks to information shared online. However, the lucrative marijuana business has attracted disreputable operators searching for quick money. Many seed banks lure cannabis growers with advertisements of cheap weed seeds. That’s a no-brainer – after all, they are just a few seeds, so why pay more when other banks sell seeds at a low price? Stop right there! Most of these operators buy cheap generic seeds from wholesalers, repackage them, and market them using all wild and hyperbolic claims.

That’s a “too-good-to-be-true” deal. If it’s unbelievably cheap, chances are that you’re purchasing low-quality seeds. When it comes to pot seeds, it’s all about what’s inside. The only caveat is that you can’t tell what’s inside a seed until it has sprouted and developed into a plant. We’ve commonly heard of growers who’ve cared for and nurtured their plants only to produce underperforming crops with undesirable growth patterns and low yields. While you might research online, the downside to the internet is that it’s not a quality filter, and it’s easy to fall prey to these rogue players.

To be on the safe side, it would be best to know the kind of seeds that produce underperforming plants. They include:


Hermaphrodite weed seeds produce both male and female flowers. While that is a natural occurrence, it’s an unwanted trait when cultivating cannabis for consumption. The problem with hermaphrodite weed plants is that they contain many seeds, which significantly reduces the final product’s quantity and quality.

The best way to avoid hermaphrodite seeds is by carefully reading the comments of other growers on a specific strain and the seed banks’ advice and recommendations. Regular cannabis seeds are less susceptible to hermaphroditism than their feminized (photoperiodic) counterparts, although that’s not a rule of thumb. You must carefully check for hermaphroditism regardless of the type of seed you plan to grow.

Unstable seeds

Stable seeds are the foundation of providing consumers with the same experience with a specific cannabis product with each use. Gaps in the seed industry have resulted in the roll-out of seeds with trait instabilities that affect plant height, yield, cannabinoid profile, disease resistance, and maturity date.

Achieving consistency in cannabis growing operations is a time-consuming and complex process. It involves genetic engineering, rigorous testing, and methodical selection of seeds. The selected seeds are backcrossed with plants with desirable traits over successive generations to create a strain with all desired characteristics regarding color, root length, leaf size, and biochemical profile.

Old seeds

The problem with old seeds is that they have less energy left in storage. Because these seeds have been exposed to environmental elements, the seed coat tends to harden over time, which makes the germination process a little tricky. With each trip around the sun, the embryo loses its juice. It depletes all the energy left to break the seed coat and push through to the surface if stored for so long. Usually, they require proper pre-treatment to germinate.

That being said, not all cheap seeds are of poor quality. A limited number of NS seed banks provide the best seeds at low costs. WSC believes everyone should have the opportunity to experience the health, commercial, and recreational benefits of this miracle herb. That’s why we provide the cheapest weed seeds in Canada among reputable seed banks. Thus, you can buy weed seeds on a tight budget, whether you want regular, feminized, or autoflower seeds.

Payment Options

Weed Seeds Canada provides customers with a convenient payment option. We use Interac e-Transfer, which offers an easy, fast, and secure payment gateway. An advantage of e-Transfer is that you can send your payment, regardless of where you bank.

e-Transfer is available in virtually all banking apps. To send money, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access e-Transfer on your banking app and get started by enrolling your email address or mobile phone number.
  2. Add our email address as the recipient.
  3. Enter the amount and security question/code, and send the payment
  4. We’ll receive a notification requesting the transfer code to accept the payment. Note that the transfer is irreversible once accepted.

The Right Time of the Year to Grow Cannabis Outdoors in Nova Scotia

Cannabis crops thrive well in high fertility and well-drained soil with high organic matter. They like the sun and don’t tolerate frost.

Nova Scotia lies in the mid-temperate climatic zone, which receives moderate rainfall spread across the year with mild to warm summers and cold winters. Despite being surrounded by water, the province experiences Canada’s continental climate rather than maritime.

When should growers plant their seeds?

As an axiom, you should always wait approximately two weeks after the last frost or after the full moon in June to plant cannabis outdoors. In Nova Scotia – particularly in Halifax – the best time to grow cannabis plants is between June and September. Still, it’s a good practice to first germinate your seeds indoors in the beginning and middle of May to ensure the outdoor weather conditions don’t damage the seedlings.

Although summer exists, it’s brief and filled with precipitation. Hence, you can expect downpours at the peak of the growing season. Moreover, snow, ice, and downright frigid temperatures are common weather occurrences once fall begins. That’s why growers are encouraged to invest in fast-growing seeds from our Nova Scotia seed bank for a timely harvest.

When should growers look to harvest?

The cannabis harvest season in Nova Scotia falls between late September and late October. Although plants – such as photoperiodic strains – can withstand exposure to light frost, it’s crucial to take them down before the first cold snap.

One tell-tale sign that your plants are ready for harvest is the presence of wispy white hairs coating the cannabis flowers. At this point, the plant becomes rust-colored and shriveled up, which is the best harvest time. To do that, remove the leaves and cut off the branches. Hang the flowers on a line to dry in a low-humidity and well-ventilated room.

Growing Marijuana Indoors from Seeds

Growing cannabis indoors is the best method to ensure your crops grow in a controlled climate away from the unforgiving outdoor weather. Additionally, indoor growing makes more sense, especially if you live in a crowded city like Halifax or worry about your neighbors. The best part is that you can cultivate the plant year-round. Therefore, you can continue to harvest even during the off-season months, setting your produce to beat the outdoor crops to get higher rates for your products before increased supply causes the price to drop.

Growing marijuana indoors has been shown to have several advantages, including:

Cultivation can continue all year round

Climate is a key factor when growing cannabis because the plant needs sun and warmth to thrive. With outdoor cultivation, your growing cycle depends on differences in daylight hours and the length of the growing season. On the other hand, indoor growing gives you full control of the indoor climate, including temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, ventilation, and light source, without worrying about the weather. Thus, you can cultivate your plants year-round.

More potency and higher yields

As mentioned, cannabis flourishes under high light intensity (LI). Indoor growing ensures your plants get optimum LI and exposure to UV rays even at night. That makes indoor-grown cannabis grow fatter and produce high yields and flowers with more THC, CBD, and CBG potency. In fact, the modest increase in aggregate cannabis potency in the early 2000s was attributed to intensive indoor cultivation methods.

Flexibility to different cultivation methods

Indoor cannabis cultivation also enables growers to use various cultivation techniques. For example:

  • Hydroponic farming

Hydroponics is a farming technology first conceptualized by NASA to grow plants in space. However, the technology also proved effective on earth and is now used in indoor farms. In simple terms, hydroponics is a farming method that skips the soil and uses a substitute material to support the plant roots and nurture crops directly in a nutrient-rich solvent.

This farming technique produces higher yields because the roots are showered with all the necessary nutrients. Hence, they spend more time growing vertically and less time and energy growing longer and more extensive root systems in search of nutrients. Besides, it’s a cost-effective alternative to soil-based farming systems as it uses less water.

  • Aeroponics

Aeroponics is an advanced form of hydroponics that growers use to produce precisely controlled and high-quality crops. The plants are grown in frames with a computer system that monitors every growth stage to provide the nutrients required at each stage. This faring technology allows cultivators to suspend the plant roots in the air, where a nutrient-laden solvent is sprayed on them directly for maximum nutrient absorption.

This technique is known to use 98% less water. And because growers can optimize their vertical space, they can produce the same yields as vast tracts of land. Besides, the closed and controlled environment eliminates the need for harmful chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides.

The Best Fertilizer for Growing Marijuana Outside in Nova Scotia

Plant nutrition is a crucial part of growing anything outdoors, and studies show that fertilizers make a huge difference in the performance of a plant. You must provide your marijuana plants with the nutrients they need to produce high yields, more potency, and aromatic flavors.

Choosing and using the wrong nutrients can lead to extensive crop damage, which leads to our next section:

Things to Consider When Buying Fertilizer for Cannabis Plants

While cannabis can grow organically, it can’t absorb all the rights nutrients from the soil, sun, air, and water. It means they won’t offer the best quality and quantity for your efforts. To boost your yields and potency, it’s essential to understand the nutrients that your plants need at every stage of the growing process.

Understand the fertilizer NPK ratio

Your marijuana crops need the following primary nutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K). Fertilizers come in packages with labels that bear an NPK ratio that indicate the concentration of each of the three nutrients. For example, an NPK ratio of 4/2//1 means the fertilizer contains twice and four times as much nitrogen as phosphorous and potassium, respectively. Checking a fertilizer’s NPK ratio is crucial because cannabis plants need more of each nutrient at different stages of their growth cycle.

Nitrogen is essential to accelerate plant development during the vegetative stage. It’s an essential part of chlorophyll; without it, the crop can’t convert sunlight into energy and, thus, won’t grow. That said, it’s best to use a fertilizer with more nitrogen during the vegetative phase.

Phosphorous is important during the budding stage, helping the plant to produce large, healthy flowers. Without phosphorous, cannabis plants will have underdeveloped roots and may not even flower. A fertilizer with a higher phosphorous concentration can maintain the plant during the flowering stage, ensuring your crops produce large buds.

Potassium ensures your marijuana plants achieve sustainable growth by regulating the systems that keep the plants healthy and growing. Plants deficient in potassium appear weak and burnt due to energy starvation, rendering them unable to regulate the exchange of CO2, oxygen, and H2O.

Organic cannabis fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are nutrients from organic sources, such as animal and plant waste. They also include sediments, such as rock dust and gypsum, which enrich the soil and nourish the plant.

An advantage of organic fertilizers is that they are more forgiving than artificial nutrients. They have low concentrations of immediately soluble nutrients and more elements that are beneficial to organisms in the soil.

You can purchase organic fertilizers in powder or compost form at your local nursery. Once you have it, mix it with the soil to integrate all nutrients before potting outdoors. You won’t need to add more nutrients during the growing process. Your single job will be to water the plant.

The following are examples of organic fertilizers and the nutrients they provide:

  • Nitrogen: Blood meal, bat guano, fish meal, worm castings
  • Phosphorous: Bone meal, rock dust
  • Potassium: Kelp meal, wood ash
  • Calcium and magnesium: Dolomite lime

The Most Viable Strains to Grow Nova Scotia

As aforementioned, Nova Scotia experiences shorter, warm summers. Growers must harvest their cannabis plants before the winter snow and frost to avoid damaging the crops. For that reason, fast flowering and autoflowering seeds are the best strains to grow in NS.

Top 3 Sativa Weed Strains to Buy NS

If you primarily grow Sativa weed, here are the top three seed strains to buy:

  1. Critical Widow Seeds – Are you looking for a seed that delivers massive hauls of high-end weed? Look no further than Critical Widow. With a potency nearing 20% THC, this strain is perfect for newbies who are THC sensitive, although it can make them talkative, giggly, and sensually aroused. The strain contains a rich terpene profile, chronicled by its sweet, citrus-earth aroma. Critical Widow also helps relieve stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, migraines, and tension.
  2. San Fernando Valley (SFV) Seeds – A hybrid of the powerful SFV OG and Afghan strains, these San Fernando Valley seeds offer users a potent and invigorating high. It contains 19-25% THC and 2% CBD, delivering the desired psychoactive effect while relaxing the toker and lulling them into sleep sedation. Its tasty and aromatic character makes users feel like they are strolling through a berry field with a tinge of sweet fruit and warm soil. These pure feminized seeds develop into cultivars that mature into a field of fruitful, resilient, and hardy female plants.
  3. Grapefruit Autoflower Seeds – As the name suggests, this hybrid cannabis strain has a citrus flavor and taste. Its uplifting scent only alludes to a euphoric and energizing high, perfect for daytime consumption. With 19% THC and 2% CBD levels, Grapefruit autoflower seeds offer an exciting high and relief from pain and mood disorders. Its sublime genetic makeup includes traits from Cinderella 99, an unknown fast-flowering Sativa hybrid, and a ruderalis strain – a wild subtype of marijuana that grows in regions that experience short summers with many hours of daylight.

Top 3 Indica Marijuana Strains to Buy NS

The top three indica strains to grow in Nova Scotia include:

  1. Jack Herer 99 Autoflower Seeds – If you’re a newbie to cannabis cultivation, Jack Herer 99 autoflowering strain is the best option. It boasts a fruity, pine, and woody flavor and taste, thanks to its potent blend of terpenes, such as Alpha Pinene, Beta Myrcene, Limonene, Beta Pinene, and Beta-Caryophyllene. It contains up to 24% THC and less than 2% CBD, providing an uplifting, energetic, and euphoric high that relaxes the toker after a tiresome day. It also provides relief from migraines, anxiety, and fatigue.
  2. Acapulco Gold Autoflower Seeds – This is a high-grade Sativa Dominant Hybrid with an attractive pale green appearance with a touch of yellow at times. With terpenes like Alpha pinene, humele, and linalool, this Acapulco Gold is very spicy that the taste can be as strong as its smell. THC levels can reach up to 23% and less than 2% CBD, and consuming it provides a relaxing feeling with sleep sedation. Its wellness benefits include relief from headaches, pain, dry mouth, and dry eyes. With this strain, you can expect an indoor yield of 500-600g per square meter and an outdoor yield of 450-550g per plant.

The Advantages of Autoflower Seeds

An autoflowering seed is a strain created by crossbreeding Sativa or indica plants with ruderalis. Ruderalis isn’t too useful on its own as its buds don’t produce a high, and the plants are small with low yields.

Some advantages of autoflowering seeds include the following:

  • High turnover – Unlike photoperiodic plants, autoflowering strains flower on their own after a relatively shorter time (2-4 weeks), so growers need not switch the light schedules to trigger and maintain the flowering phase. Because of that, autoflowering plants have high turnaround times. You can have multiple harvests in a single growing season.
  • Shorter plant height – Autoflowering weed plants hardly grow taller than 3 feet and can fit inside smaller enclosures like cabinets and other tight spaces. Because of their small size, they provide a more discrete option for private cannabis cultivators.

One reason you should grow autoflowering seeds is that they produce results very fast. They grow and flower within 2-4 weeks, enabling growers to constantly and rapidly produce fresh yields. Although they may not produce the same level of yields as regular strains, the high turnaround makes up for the yield deficit.

The Value of Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds refer to marijuana seeds that are particularly bred to eliminate male chromosomes so that they only produce plants with female flowers. Feminized photoperiodic plants depend on light cycles to trigger flowering. They are photoreceptive, meaning they can sense daylight and darkness and adjust accordingly.

While autoflowering seeds take 2-4 weeks to grow, photoperiodic strains take around 8-10 weeks. The feminized cannabis plant produces more THC and CBD than male or autoflowering strains.

Advantages of feminized seeds

  • Taller plant height – The longer life cycle of cannabis plants from feminized seeds means plants grow as tall and big as possible. Feminized marijuana plants generally grow up to a height of 3 meters or more.
  • Larger yields per square meter – Outdoor-grown feminized cannabis strains grow pretty large, and they’ll keep growing so long as they get enough hours of light. Growers can produce larger yields per square meter compared to autoflowering strains.

Feminized seeds guarantee that you’ll grow pure female plants, which are the ones that produce high-quality buds. Regular seeds produce male and female cannabis plants, which take more work and time. With feminized seeds, you can save yourself the hassle and headache as they are easy to grow and produce incredible yields.

If you’re looking for weed seeds suited for the Nova Scotia climate, come to Weed Seeds Canada. We have over 700 seed strains, including 50+ strains of fast-growing seeds and 200+ autoflowering strains, so you’re guaranteed of finding the type of seed for your growing operation. Visit us online to purchase cheap weed seeds today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the latest updates on Cannabis Culture in Nova Scotia from Weed Seeds Canada. Our writers are not lawyers and this page should not replace legal advice from a lawyer. We are marijuana seed farmers not legal professionals so read on about weed cultivation and use in Nova Scotia at your own risk.

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Nova Scotia ?

Yes, souvenir seeds bought for collection and novelty purposes are legal in NS. Save your marijuana seed in a humidity and temperature controlled environment like a jar in the basement. Collect all 619 varieties today.


Written by Rick Smith . Updated: February 6, 2023

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