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At the longitudinal centre of Canada, Manitoba has a continental climate that makes it cold in the winters and warm in the summers, making the summer months good for growing pot plants. At Weed Seed Company, we strive to give the greatest quality seeds possible so that growers can embrace the wee growing season in Manitoba. We also support growers who wish to choose a Canadian seed bank with seed varieties that can be grown just as effectively indoors or outdoors. No matter your experience level or ambitions related to cannabis seeds, WSC wants to help you get started or continue your cannabis plant-growing journey in Manitoba.

Why WSC is the place to Go

There are so many reasons why WSC is the choice for all your seed needs. Some of our best perks include:

  • Best selection of seeds
  • Stable Tested Genetics
  • Thousands of happy customers
  • Quickest Shipping in Canada

Don’t delay getting the best seeds on the market quickly and effectively.

Buy Seeds That Thrive in Manitoba

When you buy seeds from the WSC product line, you are sure to get the best combination of quality seeds, good shipping time, and customer service. With more than 700 strains to choose from, there is a plant for everyone. We offer more than 200 autos, 80 CBDs, 550 fems, and 90 regs. We have both strains that are good for indoor and outdoor uses.

Our shipping times are also super-fast, and we will ship orders the next business day once the payment has been confirmed, and we use reliable carriers to guarantee your products get to you securely.

Source Affordable Seeds Manitoba

Getting affordable seeds is no doubt on your mind, but the cheapest seeds aren’t always the best seeds. You’ll want to make sure that you aren’t getting old, unstable, or hermaphrodite seeds. At WSC, we strive to give you seeds that are sourced at an affordable price while still giving you the best quality of seeds available.

The Right Time of Year to Grow Cannabis Outdoors in Manitoba

In Manitoba, the growing season is usually between May and September. When planting your seeds, you may want to start growing them inside to get them going so that they are more grown when you plant them. You’ll have to wait until you are past the possibility of frost. You’ll want to have your plants planted by the Summer Solstice, and harvest usually begins around the Autumn Equinox.

Growing Cannabis Indoors from Seed

Many people like to grow cannabis indoors because it can extend how much yield they can get. To grow indoors, you need to control the climate of your growing space. Many people use growing tents to get better value from their plants. You’ll want to grow light intensity, temperature, humidity, and airflow.

The Best Fertilizer for Growing Weed Outside in Manitoba

Choosing the right fertilizer will give your plants the nutrients they need to do well. It’s good to look for fertilizers that have NPK on the packaging, indicating that they have nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.

The Most Viable Strains to Grow Manitoba

Looking for the right strains to grow in Manitoba will help you get the best yield possible and make the most of your plants.

Top 3 Sativa Weed Strains to Buy MB

Our Manitoba seed bank has great options if you want to buy the best weed strains for growing in Canada.

Jack’s Skunk Seeds

Jack’s Skunk seeds have up to 24% THC. They have a classic skunky aroma and pine and citrus undertones. Wellness benefits include being good for anxiety, stress, or ADHD. These plans can evoke energizing, relaxing, and cerebral effects.

Super AK Autoflower Seeds

Super AK Autoflower seeds are a variety that is both spicy and sweet with up to 24% THC. This strain is associated with feelings of euphoria and has powerful effects. This strain is used for fatigue, pain, migraines, inflammation, depression, anxiety, and arthritis.

Northern Haze 10 Seeds

Northern Haze 10 is a Sativa plant that has up to 24% THC with tropical and piney flavors. This strain is commonly used to deal with anxiety, depression, stress, migraines, muscle spasms, and arthritis. People often feel relaxed, happy, euphoric, and creative when using this strain.

Top 3 Indica Marijuana Strains to Buy MB

The following are some of the best strains of Indica marijuana that you can get from our MB seed bank.

Blue Lemon Haze Autoflower Seeds

Blue Lemon Haze Autoflower seeds are a very citrusy variety of plant and the aroma often lingers in the air for a while. It has up to 20% THC, making it a great choice for people who want a milder buzz that doesn’t last quite as long as it does with other strains.

Critical Bubba Kush Seeds

Critical Bubba Kush seeds combine OG Kush seeds with the high-yielding Critical Mass seeds. These are Indica seeds that have high levels of THC and good yields, making them quite appealing to many growers who want to combine the best of several species.

Siberian Snow Seeds

Siberian Snow seeds have a sweet but earthy flavor profile that is quite woodsy. This strain is a feminized, photoperiod. These plants have up to 19% THC and have an 8-10 week flowering time. The yield is about 500 grams per plant.

The Advantages of Auto-flower Seeds

Auto-flower seeds are known for being good for people who want seeds that are easy to grow and bloom relatively fast. These plants auto-flower, so they flower automatically. These seeds are perfect for people who don’t want to fuss over their plants as much or want a short turnaround time. These plants do tend to be less robust, and they are shorter than other plants.

The Value of Feminized Seeds

Many people choose feminized seeds because these plants are more likely to be female, and they tend to be more potent than other varieties. These varieties are different from auto-flowering sees because they tend to be stronger and produce larger yields. They also tend to grow taller. For these reasons, feminized seeds can often give you.

Now is the Time to Start Growing

There’s no time like the present to get started with your cannabis-growing journey. At Weed Seed Company, we have hundreds of strains available, ranging from those that thrive outdoors in Manitoba’s summer climate to those best suited for indoor growth year-round. With our quick shipping times, affordable prices, and seeds of impeccable quality, we make starting or expanding your cannabis growing endeavors easier than ever.

So why wait? Browse our selection, pick out the seeds that are just right for you, and join the thousands of satisfied customers who’ve found their ideal strains at WSC. Whether you’re an experienced cultivator or a novice about to plant your first seed, we’re here to guide you and help ensure your success.

Take a leap into the green and bountiful world of cannabis cultivation. Grab your seeds today and start your growing journey with us! Let’s cultivate a greener future together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the latest updates on Cannabis Culture in Manitoba from Weed Seeds Canada. Our writers are not lawyers and this page should not replace legal advice from a lawyer. We are marijuana seed farmers not legal professionals so read on about weed cultivation and use in MB at your own risk.

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Manitoba ?

Yes, souvenir seeds bought for collection and novelty purposes are legal in MB. Save your marijuana seed in a humidity and temperature controlled environment like a jar in the basement. Collect all 619 varieties today.


Written by Rick Smith . Updated: July 10, 2023

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