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Jumping into the market after a few years in research and development, Weed Seeds is back with a seed bank packed with some serious new creations, as well as some OG fan favorites. The many intricacies inherent to cannabis make it one of the most versatile botanical classifications on the planet and we offer some truly prize worthy weeds. All these strains and all these products have to originate from somewhere, so today we talk about regular seeds, what they are and what they mean to growers everywhere.

Regular seeds are the 50/50, male/female pod which make up the very beginnings of ganja, and Weed Seeds Canada has enough to keep you breeding for decades. It’s a rather magical feeling, hunting for the perfect phenotypes, parenting pot partnerships and creating new and exciting genetics. With the regular seeds you’ll find in our collection, you have the freedom to develop the strains of your dreams, and we are available every time you reach out.

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What Are Regular Marijuana Seeds?

For something so remarkable, regular really is an unfortunate handle for these amazing kernels to have to suffer. Another way to look at these seeds is that they are natural, unmodified, ungendered, pure and present in their original form. These are the seeds that started it all and Weed Seeds Cnaada has created some stupendous examples of high octane regular seeds usa for you to sink your proverbial teeth into.

Cannabis requires male and female genetics to intermingle so that new seeds are born. In the wild, weed grows unhindered, as in certain areas of Asia, where there are landrace cultivars which have been growing unimpeded for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Marijuana seeds are approximately half male and half female, though this ratio varies. Regular cannabis seeds are the go-to for hunting phenotypes, for choosing mothers to clone and they are available so that breeders can take a crack any time they like at making new marijuana marvels.

For the professional grower, our natural seeds are a means to find females, they carry the potential for new strains, and they are necessary to making more regular strain seeds. Plants grown from regular seeds tend to need a little more stability than feminised seeds, though some of their characteristics may be more concentrated than in modified seeds. If all you want is buds, natural females will allow you to develop speedy flower rotations so, for the pros, it’s regular seeds to the rescue.

The Advantages Of Growing Regular Seeds

Most home-based growers shoot for buds through planting and growing feminised seeds, even autoflowers. But for pure males and pure females, free of any modification, regular seeds are the cat’s meow. There are many advantages to growing unmodified seeds and, if you are curious to know just what a natural seed could mean to your grow space, keep reading.

Though some speculation surrounds the tendency for regular females to become hermaphrodites, many growers swear by pheno hunting and mothering regular strain ladies. The male/female genetics present in regular seeds make pure males and pure females. These plants are generally regarded as more stable, stronger and more able to withstand environmental pressures than their feminised counterparts. Resilience to pests, disease and temperature fluctuations are inherent to parent strains so, though feminised seeds can handle a lot, something is lost in the feminization process.

Though regular seeds may not be ideal for the home based enthusiasts hoping for bigger bags of buds, they are necessary to the preservation of the genetic history of cannabis. Male specimens are necessary for pot procreation and, though they may make a mess in a flower room, they can be isolated and their pollen collected for later use. There are many advantages to growing with regular seeds. They grant access to breeding and ancient genetics, mothering and cloning, they take stress well and open the door for further opportunities. When you want regular seeds for sale, take a walk through history with Weed Seeds Canada.

Grow Your Own Seeds

Growing weed is a practice as old as time, one which boasts a plethora of benefits to those suffering inner and outer affliction and one which, when performed correctly, can produce some of the most effective natural medicine on Earth. When you find two or three strains which work so well for you when combined, you may even be inspired to grow your own special seeds.

Growing your own seeds is no small task, though it is a practice pretty much anyone can master. The old school way of going about it would be to allow all your males and females to flower together and simply hope for the best. More common is the practice of taking the time to find the right phenotypes of each strain from both male seeds and females. Clone the females you like and collect the pollen from the males. When the calyxes form and the female pistils are ready to take up their collection, paint those puppies with pollen and allow nature to run its course.

Another option is to take your favorite females from the hunt, the ones you are mothering in the veg tent, and feminise their clones. What this will accomplish is the creation of purely female seeds for you to sow or sell on to likeminded individuals. When you grow regular seeds, every single door of the botanical world of cannabis is open to you. Use your imagination and have fun growing your own seeds.

Selective Breeding – Phenotype Hunting

Selective breeding begins with phenotype hunting and phenotype hunting begins with regular weed seeds. Post germination, you will have a room full of little plants, each one of them exhibiting certain male/female and other characteristics. You will sift through the plants, separating males and selecting the females you wish to keep, or those with the genetic characteristics that match your aims.

The same can be said for males. Many times, males are written off as something unwanted, ordinary, unexciting and problematic. When choosing phenotypes for breeding, males are just as important as females, so it is wise to give them just as much attention. Once females are chosen and cloned, once you find the right boys, you can get right down to procreation. When this is well done, the result is the weed of your dreams, your own creation, packed with the genetics you have isolated and amplified through breeding.

Some professionals spend a large portion of their lives out in the wild places, searching for the next big thing, then popping a million seeds to find the one female with the perfect combination of attributes. Regular seeds are absolutely essential to this process for, without them, there would be no weed in the first place. Just in case you can’t hop over to India or Thailand to do some field grown pheno hunting, you have every reason to trust the regular seed selection at weedseeds.ninja for all your selective breeding endeavors.

Indoor or Outdoor Growing

Whether to grow indoors or outdoors is a question all cultivators must answer for themselves. Climate, weather, pathogens, insects and wildlife can wreak havoc on outdoor crops, though a little protection and preventative treatment does go a long way. Inside, growers must have the equipment necessary to mimic ideal outdoor environments, and that in itself is a big ask for many.

What you choose to do will depend largely on what type of weed you want to grow, how well you can protect or provide for a crop and just what kinds of weather you might be facing throughout the season. If you do choose the great outdoors, regular seeds are famous for being able to handle stress better than feminised seeds. Any seed can do well inside, given you have control over your environment, but when it comes to strength, the unmodified seed will win out.

One thing to watch for, however, is that clones are less capable of handling the weather than pure females grown from seed. The root systems of cloned plants are weaker, therefore demanding a bit more protection. Mulching outdoor crops will help protect root systems from shock and, inside, there should be no fear of anything but issues with ventilation, nutrients and pH. When you choose regular marijuana seeds, you are choosing seeds with the genetics which can take much of the punishment the outside world has to offer, though some protection for your crop is always a good idea.

Are Regular Seeds Feminised?

For those looking for the fast answer to the question of whether a regular seed is feminised or not, the answer is no. Regular seeds are, by nature, unmodified, hence the name regular or natural. Whereas a feminised seed has been born of the process of feminisation, the tricking of a female plant into generating pollen and fertilizing herself to carry the species, a regular seed is the original.

This original ovum is either male or female, a discernment unfortunately reserved for pre flower or pre pollen. This translates into an approximate 50/50 chance of finding females, males making up the other half. Where feminised seeds are generally considered 99% female and can make an entire room bloom without any fear of the boys, regular seeds boast both X and Y chromosomes. This is fantastic for geneticists, breeders, phenotype protectors and endo entrepreneurs, though there is no guarantee with regular seeds that you’ll find a female at all.

Another way to answer the question of whether regular seeds are feminised, is to look at feminisation itself. It does take a regular seed to grow the female you hope to feminise. So, in a way, regular seeds can be feminised once they grow, but this is the only viewpoint we can take where regular seeds equal feminised ones. With Kind Seed Co, you have the option to choose reg or fem, and the regular seeds you choose can be grown and feminised for the flower room.

How much Yield can Regular Cannabis Seeds Produce?

For those new to the business of cultivating cannabis, it pays to know that no two strains are identical, nor do they produce identical yields. As a matter of fact, phenotypes from the same bag of seeds have the capacity to sprout plants so divergent in their characteristics that they seem to be of different genetics altogether. Knowing your strain will help you more accurately judge what types of yields your regular cannabis seeds will produce.

Indicas are known for remaining small, though with the right training they can become the size of a small shed and deliver over a pound of pot. Sativas, on the other hand, have been known to grow as large as a house and produce so much bud that they break themselves apart under their own weight. So genetics play a large role, and next is training and how you train your plants will dictate to a large degree just what type of hauls you can expect.

Sea of Green (SOG) is meant to keep indica plants fast and, though yields are small, they are numerous, so it balances out. Screen of Green (ScrOG) training is designed to make massive sativas more manageable by affecting a horizontal growth pattern. This allows light to penetrate the deepest flower nodes, thus growing a bigger, more balanced harvest. Regular seeds carry the ancient genetics, so who knows what type of haul you can bag with the high yield regular seeds for sale at Weed Seeds Canada.

Regular Yield Size

The high yield regular seed is a coveted creature throughout cannabis communities, and we carry enough diversity to keep you pheno hunting forever. The yield size of a regular plant, as we mentioned earlier, depends largely on genetics and training. However, there are a number of other factors which come into play, and which must be present to perfection if you are to bag record breaking hauls.

The more light you can give your plants, as long as the appropriate measures of nutrients, moisture and airflow are also ideal, the better. Added UV will assist with development and infrared will boost flower production. When plants are too dry, they don’t veg well, so humidity, whether controlled or ambient, must be on point and ventilation appropriate. For indoor growers, vapor pressure deficit is one of those aspects of cultivation which must be perfect for all to go well in the grow space.

If it’s numbers you need, regular strains can yield anywhere from zero if you botch it, up to over two or three pounds. Historically speaking there have been some anomalies, such as strains coming back year after year to produce a dozen pounds, covering whole yards and blocking out views, but these are rare. Follow the recipe for success, top your plants at least a couple times to increase the number of bud sites, provide an ideal environment, get as much light into those inner nodes as you can, and your regular yield should be massive.

Are Unsexed Seeds the same as Regular Seeds?

Regular seeds are unmodified, natural, they have not been feminised and they are capable of anything. Sexing seeds is not a new idea and controversy surrounds the idea of whether a regular seed can be assessed as either male or female. The truth is that a regular seed is not going to show you its true colors until pre flower or pre pollen, so a regular seed is, by its very nature, an unsexed seed.

That’s the bet when you opt for regular marijuana seeds. You need to plant them to see and, aside from the process of feminization, it doesn’t look like this rule is going to change any time soon. Still, some growers swear that smaller, green seeds are male and the bigger, darker, striated seeds are the females. Though many have found this to be the case, there is no scientific backup for this argument and any regular seeds you choose to sow are going to sprout a boy approximately half the time.

In order to be sure that your seeds are females, a plant must first undergo the process of feminisation. This can be affected on photoperiod and autoflowering strains alike, and is a treatment which delivers about 99% efficacy. Unless your seeds have been feminised, they will remain nearly impossible to judge. However, finding females through regular sprouting allows you to choose ideal specimens for future cloning or feminisation.

Can you grow Regular marijuana seeds in the same garden as Feminised Seeds?

The process of natural selection is rather unforgiving. As a matter of fact, brutal is an apt description of the natural world, though that doesn’t mean it cannot be tamed. If you are wondering whether you can grow regular seeds in the same garden as feminised seeds, the answer is, you can.

The male/female genetics of natural or regular seeds demands that, if you plant pot for flowers, you simply have to pay close attention, removing males when they pop up. Feminised plants can still be pollinated by males, thus delivering a new generation of regular seeds, so stay on top of the grow and all should go swimmingly for you. Another idea may be that fems and clones don’t grow well together, which is not true. Since both the clones and fems are female, there is no reason why they would not be safe to flower in the same soil.

An exception to this rule might be autoflowers, though a feminised auto, which we carry in droves, is no different than a feminised photoperiod plant in that they can be pollinated, but will not sprout males. The main issue to watch for when growing regular and feminised seeds in the same garden is to remove males as soon as they appear, unless, of course, you want more seeds. Give your plants enough space to grow, prune and train them appropriately and the sky’s the limit.

Can you grow Regular seeds in the same garden as Autoflower Seeds?

In the previous section, we mentioned autoflowers as presenting a possible issue when grown with regular specimens. Honestly, it is up to you what you choose to do with your crops. Cannabis is colorful, fragrant and flavorful, exhibits every type of growth habit and you could cultivate cannabis your whole life and not see it all. So, when you want to design a garden, the only thing to watch for is, again, the boys.

Autoflowers are a fantastic innovation for the home-based grower, that’s for certain. Every single automatic seed in our selection is feminised, though regular autos are available out there. Regular seeds are always going to produce both male and female specimens, that is what they are here for and why they are so highly regarded in scientific circles. The issue when growing regular seeds, as we pointed out, is the presence of males. Now, if you plan to allow your crops to do their natural dance so you can see what happens, we are rooting for you. But when you want buds, those boys have to go.

Another aspect of growing autos and photo reg seeds together is that they are on completely different schedules. The autoflower will continue to trek through its lifecycle, reaching the flowering phase in a few short weeks, while the regular plant will shift when the weather does and will require another twelve or so weeks to finish.

Why Grow Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Why to grow regular cannabis seeds is an easy question to answer. Since the dawn of cannabis, regular seeds have been storing up ancient genetics which they deliver to anyone who chooses to grow them. Housing both male and female chromosomes, regular seeds are the means through which all new strains are born. Really, when you choose to grow with regular seeds, anything is possible.

Regular cannabis seeds are the stones to throw when you need males and females. This can be because you want to breed new weed, collect pollen for others to use or when you are hunting for flawless females for the flower room. Cloning regular cannabis, you can preserve those particular individuals which exhibit the characteristics you cherish. Also, the females you grow from regular seeds allow for feminisation, a process which can make countless copies of your sexiest lady plants.

Regular cannabis seeds are also the right move for hemp farmers who grow for seed. Allowing a field of regular strain plants to flower together and produce seeds is beneficial to both food and feed industries. It is also the practice of mother nature, the one responsible for landrace strains, and with the right parents, your fields are on track to make magic. Regular cannabis seeds are stronger than modified seeds, they can be altered, cloned and their male/female tendencies make it possible to create whatever you can dream up.

What To Consider When Growing Regular Seeds

Growing regular seeds is not for everyone, though for those who do choose to flower the old-fashioned way, there are a few things to consider. First off, knowing what you wish to accomplish is rule number one in delineating any plan for life, cannabis seeds included. This will help you choose the correct genetics, making it much easier to achieve your desired results.

Deciphering whether you are going to grow indoors or out is important as well. Regular seeds will do very well outside, though much better buds and more secure breeding are attainable in a controlled environment. Consider how you are going to manage the male/female issue. Do you have a dedicated quarantine space set up for the boys or are you going about growing your crop willy nilly? If the latter, pollination issues will most certainly arise. Make sure you sex your crops as early as possible and, for this, a magnifying glass or the loupe you use for trichomes will assist in early male identification.

If you are pheno hunting, know that mothers are always kept in a vegetative state, so any vegging plants, regular, feminised or autoflower, are fine to be kept in the same room as the mums. Though regular strains are considered more resilient to shock and stress, consider how you can minimize these unruly aspects of growing, so that you grow a crop you can be proud of.

How To Get The Most Out Of Regular Seeds

Being the best, growing serious primo or simply making the most out of your situation can mean different things to different people and at different times. In order to provide the most effective recipe for success, however, it is the consistent combination of knowledge and practical application and adaptation which generates the wisdom necessary to bag awards.

Choosing a strain which matches your climate or for which you can provide the ideal atmosphere is paramount. Next, set that space up to match what those who have found success have done. Keep track of what happens in the grow space each day, take comprehensive notes and learn as much as possible about the strain you have chosen. Make sure you have preventative plans in place to protect your crop against pests, infection and disease. Ensure effective management of pH and VPD, and push your plants to limits of what they can take as far as light.

All of the above demand that the grower offer some additives, especially when you are trying to make the most out of each plant. Extra UV, CO2 and infrared are all available to growers who know the score and, when the environment is spot on, the next major point is training. Make your plant manufacture as many nodes as possible through topping, pruning and training and, of course, nutrients, which play a large role in the health and yield of your plants.

What Kind Of Soil Is Best For Regular Marijuana Seeds?

When talking about soil, there is not really any one recipe which has proven better for regular pot seeds over feminised ones. Soil is actually a very big deal, though many growers go soilless, and it is one medium which must be put together and maintained correctly or all sorts of issues can arise.

Over the decades, many professional growers have written books on their ideal soils, how to make them, how long the nutrients last and how to recycle them. The truth is that there are limitless possibilities. However you slice it, to make the best soil you can, there must be a balance of a number of materials. You must start with a base of peat, coir, compost or a combination, and additives include things like perlite, vermiculite, worm castings, bat guano, kelp meal, feather meal and other oddball amendments. Specific nutrients must be available whenever the plant needs them, the medium must drain freely while holding moisture, and your soil must aid and encourage the development of microbial activity.

Those who opt for a soilless grow can either employ hydroponics, deep water culture, or aquaponics. The latter utilizes what pretty much boils down to aquarium water, in order to feed the crops, a rare sight in the world of weed. Really, the choice is yours, but if you opt for soil, remember that fungus based, rather than bacteria based, soils are what you need for plants to thrive.

How To Germinate Regular Seeds

So that your crops break ground and see the light of day, so that you stand a chance of achieving greatness, your seeds must first be germinated. The germination process is simple and can be defined as the waking up of a seed from dormancy through the application of warmth, humidity and airflow. Though growers employ a variety of methods to affect a sprout, there is one which is proven to do the trick.

You may have heard of the paper towel method, a way to germinate seeds which is fool proof, and which makes seed management simple and effective. Start with a small glass of water. Add a couple drops of seaweed, kelp or rooting solution and add your seeds and allow seeds to soak overnight in a warm and dark space, such as a cupboard or closet. Day two, fold a paper towel in four, place it on the plate and pour your solution, seeds and all, over the paper towel. Spread seeds out and lay a second folded paper towel over the top. Saturate the second towel, ensuring there are no dry spots, then pour away any excess liquid.

This package is important not to disturb, so place it back in the cupboard and, in a couple days, a small, white taproot should emerge from each seed. At this point, your seeds are ready to sow, so be ready with some plastic cups or four-inch pots and get ready for the seedling stage.

Found nowhere else, the majority of the strains we offer are unique to Weed Seeds Canada, have been dreamt up, bred and developed in house. We present indica, sativa and hybrid options, high THC and high CBD seeds, so whatever type of genetics you need, in whatever ratio, we have just the thing. When you need regular seeds that count, from a seed bank that takes the time to make its own masterpieces, you need regular seeds from Weed Seeds Canada.

How To Grow Regular Marijuana Seeds Indoors

When cultivating regular seeds, whether photoperiod or autoflower, males will make up anywhere from 40-60% of any crop. The trick is that they will not reveal themselves until a couple weeks into flowering, so paying close attention each day after the flip and removing the males is paramount to preserving the possibility of potent sinsemilla.

Choosing an indoor environment is a bright move. Through training your indicas in a Sea of Green (SOG) and your sativas through Screen of Green (ScrOG) techniques, you make the most of the plant’s potential. Feeding nitrogen and potassium heavy N:P:K solutions through the vegetative stages will provide the recipe for chlorophyll to develop and photosynthesis to take place, thus driving the development of a stable structure. This is also where you will develop your plants’ bud sites, which will require more phosphorus later on.

Cannabis tends to enjoy classic Mediterranean temperatures, vegetative phases need mid to high humidity and flowering requires a drop to low to mid-range humidity levels. Seedling stages demand high humidity while their roots develop, so keeping it high for the first couple weeks with fresh air flowing to all corners of the crop is ideal. Cannabis also likes light, so 200-800w LED or 300-1000w high intensity discharge lighting make up the general range. Schedules of 18/6 or 20/4 for vegetative development and 12/12 for flowering are necessary and are what set photoperiod strains apart from autoflowers.

How To Grow Marijuana Seeds Outdoors

To grow marijuana seeds outdoors is a practice as old as cannabis itself. However, where growing regular cannabis seeds indoors requires full control over the environment, when you grow weed outside you are at the mercy of the gods. When cultivating industrial hemp, this is not such a big deal, but when you grow for that gooey gold, a bit of bad weather can break an entire season’s effort.

Due to things like weather, pests, pathogens and wildlife, the wise outdoor grower first puts some protective measures in place. This is especially important for those in northern and equatorial latitudes, as well as those places where threats such as tornadoes linger throughout the growing season. Greenhouses, hoop tunnels, canopies or whatever you have to ward off the weather and keep pest problems at bay should be employed when growing outside, while maintaining high light levels. Choosing the sunniest spot you’ve got, ensuring there’s a breeze and that plants will be protected is paramount.

Having chosen the right genetics and prepared your outdoor environment, soil construction is next. Prepare your medium with nutrient counts appropriate to your strain of choice and always add some mycorrhizal fungus to the mix. Having started plants or clones early, get them in the ground when temperatures are consistently above 60℉, train them according to their nature and maintain even soil moisture and airflow. Aside from regular maintenance, separating males is the only major point to cover, unless you’d rather grow buds bursting with seeds.

Humidity and Temperature For Growing Marijuana Seeds

Growing regular seeds is not really any different than cultivating feminised seeds, save the issue of males, so what you would normally do for your weed, do with regular seeds as well. Regardless of what we would like to believe, there is no one recipe for smokable success. All cannabis strains are different, so they require varied methods of care. However, it is safe to say that all cannabis likes a balmy environment, so as long as you provide the right temperature and humidity, you are on the right track.

Temperature ranges for your regular seeds should follow the seasonal shifts in that particular strain’s preferred environment. Indicas handle cold better than sativas and will burst with rich colors when exposed to cool nighttime temperatures. Sativas can handle a heat wave just fine, as long as humidity levels are low enough, and still exhibit minimal stress. As a rule, 65-80℉ is ideal for most strains, though you’ll want to keep indicas and hybrids on the lower end of the scale

Humidity levels are imperative to get right, as well. Seedling stages enjoy high humidity, about 75%, due to their roots being in developmental stages and not yet generating much of a flow. As plants develop, and throughout vegetative and training phases, a range of 55-65% works well. Flowering is where things get a bit tricky. Plants require low humidity, 38-45% to avoid mold, but spider mites love a dry environment, so precautions should be taken to avoid these pests.

What kind Of Nutrients Do Regular Plants Need?

We all need nutrients to survive. People require a balanced diet to maintain optimal physical fitness and cannabis does too. Though regular ganja seeds don’t need anything different from feminised photoperiod seeds, it pays to have a well-rounded understanding of what nutrients are, what some of the primary and secondary nutrients and trace elements are called, and at what point your plants need them.

An N:P:K reading is something you are most likely familiar with. These capital letters stand for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and they are critical to the health of your crop. Nitrogen is the first feed plants need, as it is fundamental to the development of chlorophyll, the foundation of photosynthesis. Phosphorus is responsible for root growth and seed or fruit development, and adds an extra layer of hardiness. Potassium is the backbone of cation exchange capacity, light independent reactions, and it pushes the development of better buds.

Many growers are aware of the CalMag question, and yes, most cannabis requires extra calcium and magnesium in order to thrive. But also required are chlorine, boron, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, molybdenum and others, so that the weed will be all it can be. Make sure you do your homework on what works. You can decipher organic from inorganic solutions by the numbers. Organic will be low, such as 4:4:4, or 2:8:6, and synthetic or chemical will present as something like 30:20:20.

Optimal Lighting For Regular Seeds

Tropical plants like humidity, trees such as spruce, juniper and some pines are able to handle a lifetime below zero, but no other plant responds to rays with such gusto as ganja. Autoflowering strains like 200-600 watt LEDs and photoperiod strains enjoy anywhere from 300-1000 watt HID lighting. These are not definitive and photoperiod strains can be grown successfully under light emitting diodes and what’s optimal for one may not be for another.

It is important to understand the types of environments your chosen strains prefer. Whatever strains you choose to grow, chances are they want as much sun as you can provide. The sun in most US climates can be trusted not to be too much for cannabis, though in controlled environments believing light overdose impossible is a common mistake. Most cannabis, regular seeds included, are safest sitting between 8000 and 15000 lux in the vegetative phase, 15000 to 30000 lux during flowering and, for regular autoflowers, aim for a consistent 25000 to start with, and play it by ear.

For seedling and veg stages, eighteen hours of light per day with a six-hour dark period is how it’s been done since the dawn of indoor farming. The flowering stage is triggered when you switch your light schedule from eighteen on and six off to twelve on and twelve off. Adding infrared during flowering will improve bud development, since it is the red spectrum which assists throughout fruiting, seeding and flowering plant phases.

Do Regulars Flower Faster Than Feminised Seeds?

Though there is no conclusive evidence which says regular seeds flower faster than feminised ones, wild stories abound and if you are to get a clear picture, you have to get back to the basics. As far as photoperiod strains go, indica takes seven to nine weeks, hybrids anywhere from eight to twelve and pure sativas can take as many as sixteen weeks in some cases.

Every strain comes with an estimated flowering time. It takes as long or as short a time as you like to veg and train your plants, clones make affecting speedy indica rotations a cinch and some sativas can take as long as fifteen weeks to flower fully. Really, how long your weed takes to flower does not depend on being modified or unmodified, but depends on the genetics you choose. Kind Seed Co has tons of options for you to choose from, so whatever your timeline, we have the seed to fit perfectly into your particular situation.

How To Harvest Marijuana Seeds

If you have decided to purchase a bag of our seeds, have a handle on the physics of germination and understand the fundamentals of environmental control, how to harvest your regular weed effectively is the next step. Harvest has a number of definitions in the world of cannabis, seeds, pollen, hemp, buds, but for the purposes of this brief, we will focus on the latter.

The whole thing with the harvest is timing and we know it’s time by watching trichome development. Trichomes are the resin glands which grow out of the leaves, calyxes and flowers of female cannabis plants. They not only protect the plant from pests and infection, but they house terpenes and cannabinoids and reach their peak potency over the final weeks of the flowering phase. They start off small and clear and, over time, they swell and shift from clear to milky. When trichomes begin to degrade, they start to turn amber and it is recommended that you aim to harvest when trichomes are ten percent amber, ten percent clear and for the most part, milky.

Over time, many practices have emerged which growers swear increases the potency, cannabinoid quality and terpene production in their pot. Ice baths, forty-eight hour dark periods and splitting the stalk are all things people try. Regardless, chop the whole plant and hang it upside down in an airy darkroom. Ambiance should remain at 60℉ and 60% relative humidity until plants are dried to the same, then it’s time for the jar.

 The Cons Of Growing Regular Marijuana Seeds

We have been talking about a lot of benefits to regular strains, but no comprehensive report would be complete without discussing some of the drawbacks or cons to growing regular strain seeds. Regular seeds may offer so many options that it makes perfect sense to grow them, but they are inherently tricky. However, some growers swear by regular seeds and will grow nothing else. When you need a seed that provides choices, regulars are the way to go, but they can leave some sore spots.

The fact that regular seeds sprout males half the time is a major bummer to the farmer who dreams of nothing but females. Having to separate the boys, constructing and maintaining quarantine zones, and all the inherent scrubbing that has to take place to be sure your marijuana doesn’t mix can be a bother. It also costs money to grow weed. Electricity and nutrients, water filters, testers and other stuff isn’t cheap, and losing half of every crop to the Y chromosome just plain sucks for bud lovers.

If breeding is why you have chosen regular seeds, this presents an entirely new set of issues. Mothering and cloning plant upon plant to support breeding programs takes up a lot of space and the results are sometimes unpredictable. The whole process can compound until you’ve got plants coming out your ears and keeping track of schedules, phenotypes, F1, F2 and so on, can often become overwhelming to those new to it all.

Where To Buy The Best Regular Seeds

Without a doubt, regular strain seeds are their own ball of wax, and if you think you have what it takes to parent regular photoperiod strain seeds, Weed Seeds Canada is the place to be when you need the best regular seed bank online. Established in 1994, we began by outsourcing seeds to provide to the masses. As markets shifted, we shifted as well and now we are back from a five-year mission to create our own in house genetics.

The seeds we offer span the gamut from regular and feminised photoperiod strains, feminised autoflowers, and we also offer many strains cherished through the generations. We offer a seamless online shopping experience aimed at providing simplicity and selection, security and fast and discreet delivery. We know that offering the highest quality seeds and top-notch service makes you feel comfortable, so that’s what we do. We are committed to preserving authentic marijuana seed genetics, so we take great care to raise our seeds to stand up and represent as strongly as possible.

We offer affordable means to growing quality medicine, something appreciated by millions of citizens throughout North America and hundreds of millions worldwide. Our website is open for business twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every week of the year. Shoot us an email at [email protected] and tell us what you need us to do to make your life easier. We ship everywhere within the Canada and the Usa, so get in touch today.

Spelling Mistakes

Cannabis offers many opportunities for a laugh, we are all familiar with the giggles. But we figured that, in trying to take a peek into the sillier side of this stuff, we’d better try to help you out as well. Since searching on the web is the primary source of research for most people, it helps to avoid spelling mistakes at all costs. This is simply so that your search actually proves fruitful, something we all set out for when Googling our worlds.

We come across spellings like regluar seeds, regluar seed bank, regseed and regularseeds all the time. Though these seem like only minor blunders, to a search engine, they can look like gibberish or might lead you to some place completely foreign to what you wanted in the first place. There are a few others as well, such as canabis, cannibis, canibus, marawana, mirjwana, marihana, femseeds, maleseeds and more.

When you want information on photoperiod cannabis strains, it doesn’t pay to type in poltprod canbais stains. Just as in the rest of life, this type of half-hearted resolve will never get you very far. In fact, chances are you’ll cause yourself more frustration than the whole thing is worth. For this reason and others, we suggest taking a peek before sending the message, checking the spelling before hitting GO and giving yourself the gift of an easier time finding top shelf regular strain seeds from Weed Seeds Canada.

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