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F1 seeds are the way to go for a strong, robust plant with high potency, but what does ‘F1’ mean? How are these F1 seeds different from F2 or F3 seeds? This labeling system may seem confusing, but it is quite simple. Read on to learn more.

What are F1 Seeds?

First, let’s get some basics of plant breeding out of the way. The ‘F’ stands for filial, meaning ‘the offspring of two parents.’ The parent generation is P1. When you cross two seeds from the parent generation, their offspring are the F1 hybrids. When you cross two F1 seeds, you get F2 seeds. When you cross two of those, you get F3 seeds, and so on. These names are a label to help growers keep track of what generation their seeds are from.

One great example is when the Dutch experimented with cannabis breeding in the 1970s. The first Dutch seed banks started with cannabis indica and cannabis sativa varieties from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. These varieties, called landrace strains, were genetically isolated and had been inbreeding for a long time, so they were the P1 generation. If you were to grow a batch of these landrace strains, they would have the same traits as the plants you had originally picked the seeds from. However, the Dutch took this further by breeding the cannabis indica and cannabis sativa varieties. The result was an F1 hybrid with a strong odor called Skunk #1.

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How are F1 Strains better?

The F1 seeds inherit the dominant genes of both parents, resulting in a stronger plant with more potency. These plants are consistent across the board. But what happens when you cross a male and a female from the F1 generation? The resulting F2 seeds are more unpredictable than the generation that came before because recombination takes effect, meaning the traits inherited from the P1 generation mix again, resulting in new phenotypes. For example, some plants might be taller than others. Some may have that skunk smell, while others have a more subtle, fruity scent. Even still, you will have plants that show a mix of both traits. The F3 generation has more consistency than F2, with a few exceptions. When you’re just starting, F1 seeds are ideal because their characteristics are more uniform and therefore easier to take care of.

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F1 Strains For Sale

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