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Indica is all about relaxation. It provides what is sometimes called a “body” high. It is for nighttime use, to unwind and leave the day’s stress behind. It promotes sleep and dreaming. It can stimulate appetite and soothe anxiety.

What does indica mean?

Cannabis is believed to have originated in Tibet around 25 million years ago. The wild plants had very low THC content and were farmed for their fibers, seeds, and oils. Approximately 5000 years ago, some strains of cannabis with a higher THC content were either found or bred in what is now Iran. These plants were used to create hashish, the world’s first cannabis edible, and were burned during religious rituals to open people’s minds to spirituality.

Both the original low-THC-content plants (hemp) and the new, higher-THC-content plants were very popular, and traders spread them all over the world. They were transported as far north as Siberia, south to the tip of Africa, and were being farmed in South America by the mid-1500s and in the eastern US by the mid-1600s. These plants were widely cultivated for both fiber and hashish. In 1753, the botanist Carl Linnaeus declared all types of cannabis were the same species, Cannabis sativa. However, in 1785, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck noted that cannabis seemed to come in two distinct forms, which he decided were two distinct species, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. The name “indica” was selected because Lamarck thought it had originated in India.

What is the difference between sativa and indica plants?

Sativa plants are the stereotypical cannabis plant: tall, lanky, heat-loving, and stinky. Indica plants are shorter and more compact, more tolerant of cooler climates, and are not quite as pungent as sativa plants. Even the buds of indica plants are tighter and more compact than those of sativa plants.

Both indica and sativa come in strains with different levels of THC. However, they produce different kinds of high. The difference in the type of high may be related to other compounds in cannabis, such as their terpene profiles. Sativa produces an energizing high, while indica produces a relaxing high. Sativa is for daytime, creativity, socializing, and productivity, while indica is for nighttime, relaxing, dreaming, and sleep.

Hybrid strains are produced by crossing indica and sativa plants. They tend to have an intermediate effect, not quite as energizing as sativa and not quite as relaxing as indica.

Is indica high in THC?

Indica comes in different strains with different levels of THC. Some indica strains have extremely high levels of THC, such as BlackBerry Moonrocks and Gator Breath, which have an impressive 33% THC.

Buy feminized seeds online

Cannabis is easy to grow. It is a very robust plant. All it needs is a lot of sunlight, a little fertilizer, and regular watering. We sell feminized seeds, which means no male plants will grow. Male plants don’t make the all-important flowers. You can be confident that every one of Weed Seeds Ninja’s seeds will produce a flowering plant.

After you select your preferred indica strains, we will mail the seeds to you. Pick your growing spot and plant the seeds directly outside in mid-spring. If you prefer, you can give the plants a head start by germinating the seeds indoors in early spring and transplanting the seedlings outside after the last frost date for your area. Most indica strains are photoperiod-sensitive, which means they focus on growing leaves and stems when the days are long and the nights are short. After the summer solstice in late June, when the nights get longer, they will produce abundant flowers, ready to harvest in late August or early September.

If you need advice about what strain to select, contact us.


Feminized Indica Seeds For Sale

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