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Indica cannabis creates a relaxing high. It promotes sleep, reduces anxiety, and sets your mind wandering. It is ideal for nighttime use. It is easy to grow a few indica plants at home for personal use.

What is an indica autoflower

Autoflowering cannabis starts producing flowers about three weeks after germination, and it is ready for harvest about seven weeks later, only ten weeks after the seeds first germinate. If new autoflowering plants are started every few weeks, they can produce multiple crops over the summer with an overall higher yield per season than photoperiod-dependent plants. Autoflowering cannabis plants are also much smaller and denser than the usual type of cannabis plants, allowing the average person to grow multiple plants in their garden or even in pots on a sunny patio.

Autoflowering is a common strategy that plants use to control their flowering. Many annuals that start from seed each spring and then flower in late spring or early summer use this approach. Flowering is triggered when they hit a certain size or stage of maturity and is independent of the length of the day or any other environmental factors. Autoflowering cannabis uses this approach to decide when to make flowers. As soon as the plant reaches a specific size, it starts to produce those all-important buds.

Normally, Cannabis indica is a photoperiod-dependent plant. Photoperiod-dependent plants use the length of the day to tell them when to make flowers. For example, cherry trees bloom in early spring in response to lengthening days, and Christmas cacti bloom in late fall in response to shortening days. It is important for plants to flower at the right time, especially if they have distinct male and female plants like cannabis. Cannabis plants have to coordinate their pollen and flower production; if the males produce pollen when the females aren’t flowering, there will be no seeds for next year.

A species of cannabis that developed in Russia spontaneously switched to using the autoflowering method. However, that species does not produce THC. Plant breeders crossed indica with the Russian species, and then they selected any autoflowering progeny and back-crossed them with indica for many generations until they ended up with cannabis that had all of the prized qualities of indica combined with the wonderful autoflowering trait that allows for multiple harvests per year. Photoperiod dependent plants provide just one harvest per year.

What is the difference between sativa and indica?

Sativa plants are tall and lanky and tend to have a strong smell. They prefer warm but not overly hot climates. The high generated from sativa is invigorating and energizing, similar to that of caffeine but with an added feeling of euphoria. It tends to promote a focused mental state that is conducive to getting creative projects completed.

Indica plants are shorter and more compact. They prefer cooler climates. The high generated from indica is relaxing and soothing. It promotes a mind-wandering, dreamy state that is conducive to de-stressing after a hard day and preparing for sleep. It reduces anxiety, improves sleep, and tends to stimulate the appetite.

Buy indica autoflower seeds online

Weed Seeds Ninja has an excellent selection of autoflowering indica seeds with THC levels of up to 30% THC. Our autoflowering indica seeds are feminized, so you don’t have to worry about producing non-flowering plants. Just select the strain you want and pick out a sunny spot in your garden. The best way to grow autoflowering indica is to start a new plant once a month. A fresh crop should be available for harvest each month from May through October.

If you would like assistance in selecting the strain that is best for you or advice on how to grow it, contact us.


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