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Sativa is associated with an uplifting, energizing high that supports socializing and creativity. Sativa is great for parties and supporting creative activities that require focus. Sativa strains tend to have higher CBD and terpene contents.

What does sativa mean?

The name “sativa” originated in 1753, when botanist Carl Linnaeus published a description of cannabis and declared all cannabis plants were the same species, Cannabis sativa. In 1785, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck declared there were two species, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. A genetic study conducted in 2021 concluded that all cannabis plants were actually the same species, and also showed that the strain of cannabis produced by the government for research was quite genetically distinct from the sativa, indica, and hybrid strains being produced and used in the retail market.

What is the difference between sativa and indica plants?

Sativa plants prefer warm climates, and indica plants thrive in cooler climates. Sativa plants are tall and lanky, while indica plants are short and compact. Sativa plants have a strong odor due to their high terpene content.

Indica tends to produce a relaxing high, while sativa produces an energizing high. Sativa is for daytime use, and indica is for nighttime use. Some users have compared using sativa to drinking coffee: it gets you started and keeps you focused. Sativa is described as a “cerebral high” versus the “body high” from indica.

Does sativa make you sleepy or hyper?

Sativa does not make users sleepy or hyper. It makes people feel energized and focused. It can help with creative projects, like art, writing, dancing, and playing music. It promotes socialization and productivity. However, some people prone to anxiety report that they experience racing thoughts and increased anxiety on sativa.

Can you be allergic to indica but not sativa?

Most allergies to cannabis seem to be respiratory reactions to its pollen being blown around in the wind. Only male plants produce pollen, so if you only grow feminized plants, this problem should not affect you (unless you live downwind of large growing operations).

Mold growing on improperly stored bud is responsible for many so-called cannabis allergies. It’s important to learn how to store buds properly to prevent mold growth and a deterioration in the product’s quality.

Some people do actually appear to be allergic to the cannabis plant itself. They may get hives from coming into contact with leaves, stems, and buds. They may experience congestion and itchy eyes after inhaling smoke and vapor. However, research into which proteins in the cannabis plant are causing these reactions is in its early days. It is theoretically possible to be allergic to some strains of cannabis and not other strains.

Buy feminized seeds online

Our sativa seeds have been feminized, meaning every plant you grow will make flowers. Cannabis is a photoperiod-sensitive plant. When the days are long and the nights are short, it focuses on growing roots and leaves. After the summer solstice in June, as the nights begin to lengthen, the plant focuses on producing the all-important flowers.

Weed Seeds Ninja has a large number of different strains of sativa with different profiles of cannabinoids and terpenes. The THC content varies from very low to up to 30%, so you can pick the perfect strain for you.

Cannabis is easy to grow from seed. Select a site in your garden that gets full sunlight and sow the seeds in mid-spring, or start them indoors in early spring and transplant the seedlings outside after your area’s final frost date. Sativa takes a long time to finish flowering, 60 to 90 days, so if your growing area has a short summer season, opt to start the seeds indoors to maximize your yield.

Sativa prefers a lot of sunshine and warm (85 degrees F) conditions. It is generally a sturdy, robust plant. Water it once or twice a week, or as needed according to your local conditions.

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Feminized Sativa Seeds For Sale

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