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Weed Seeds for Sale In New Brunswick

As one of three Maritime provinces, New Brunswick is a major Canadian hub. Its location is on the eastern coast of Canada, bordering Maine, USA, making New Brunswick a great shipping location for Weed Seeds. New Brunswick offers a great location for growing pot, and the ideal growing season for marijuana plants is generally from May to August in this zone. If you’re in New Brunswick, WSC can offer you the variety of seeds you need to get reliable and useful weed seeds. Our quick shipping to Canada makes us a great resource for Canadian weed growers.

Why WSC is the Place to Go

There are so many reasons that WSC is a good choice for all your weed seed needs.

We offer:

  • Best selection of seeds
  • Stable Tested Genetics
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Quickest Shipping in Canada

These perks set us apart from our competitors and show our commitment to helping our customers set themselves up for success. Not all seed vendors will offer the same convenience and quality in their weed seeds.

Buy Seeds That Thrive in New Brunswick

When you’re looking for an NB seed bank, you’ll want to be sure that you choose a company that offers you the best of the best. From our shipping times to the rich varieties of our Canadian seed bank, we do our best to give you a leg up when it comes to growing cannabis plants in NB, Canada.

We offer the fastest shipping possible with reliable carriers to guarantee that your seeds are handled with care and efficiency. Once the order has been received, the order will ship within the next business day after your purchase, ensuring that you can get growing as soon as possible.

Our product line is diverse with over 700 varieties of seeds, allowing all types of growers to get exactly what they need. Of our 700 varieties, we have over 200 autos, and more than 70 of our species are fast flowering. These autos and fast flowering are ideal strains for people who wish to grow seeds outdoors in New Brunswick.

Whether you are a professional or a novice, our cannabis seeds can help you reach your goals, and we’re among the most reliable of New Brunswick seed banks. Don’t just choose any Canadian seed bank; choose the best with WBC.

Sourcing Low-Cost Seeds New Brunswick

Getting the cheapest seeds does not always correlate to getting the best quality seeds. Thus, you have to watch out for hermaphrodites and old or unstable seeds. Weed Seeds strives to give you seeds that have the best genetics and are never old. Our company breeds our seeds to ensure our Weed Seed Company can give you only the best seeds on the market.

WBC offers the cheapest seeds among the reputable seed banks that deliver to Canada. For payment, we use e-transfers, which makes it easy and reliable to purchase seeds.

The Optimal Time of Year to Grow Cannabis Outdoors in New Brunswick

In New Brunswick, if you’re looking to grow cannabis outdoors, you have to be aware of the growing season. Growing can begin as early as April in North America; however, in New Brunswick, the growing season is usually from May to August. Thus, the growing season is around three to four months. Because it takes a while for the weather to warm up in NB, you may want to plant your seeds indoors first so that they can start growing. You will not want to plant your seeds when there is a risk of frost. Generally, you’ll want your plants planted by the Summer Solstice so they have ample time to grow. Your plants will start to flower in the fall, and generally, harvest starts around the Autumn Equinox.

Growing Marijuana Indoors From Seeds

If you’re looking to expand your growing potential, you can grow indoors and get a better value from your crops. You can grow all year round in a grow tent. Your plants can be more potent and produce higher yields with indoor growth.

To grow indoors, you need to invest in some tools and will have to commit more time to caring for your plants. Using hydro, aero, and other forms of automation can help you be more flexible and save time and energy. Having a grow tent is a great way to accommodate indoor growth, and you’ll want to control factors like temperature, light intensity, airflow, and humidity to replicate the ideal growing climate.

Choosing the Best Fertilizer for Growing Weed Outside in New Brunswick

Getting the right fertilizer for growing cannabis in NB is a good way to improve the growth and yield of your cannabis plants. Look for fertilizers that have NPK on the packaging because these mixes contain what marijuana plants need: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.

The Right Strains to Grow in New Brunswick

There are so many cannabis strains to choose from, such as auto flower, feminized, and mold resistant, and it’s crucial to determine what is good to grow in New Brunswick.

Top 3 Sativa Weed Stains to Buy in NB

If you’re looking for a Sativa weed strain to buy, these three seeds are great options.

Banizzle Seeds

Banizzle seeds have up to 30% THC and a decent yield per plant. These plants are good for helping with migraines fatigue, and anxiety. They promote relaxation and can add euphoria to people’s lives. This strain is a good allrounder.

GMO Seeds

GMO seeds are packed with wellness benefits such as being good for mental health, headaches, pain, and nausea. The euphoric, relaxing, and calming effects make this plant desirable. With up to 28% THC and good yields, these plants can be a great value.

Yumbolt Banana Autoflower Seeds

Yumbolt Banana Autoflower seeds are auto-flower seeds that contain up to 24% THC, and less than 2% CBD, and generally flower in around 8-10 weeks. These Seeds have a sweet berry and banana aroma and flavor and these seeds have a relaxing, euphoric, and powerful effect on people.

Top 3 Indica Marijuana Strains to Buy in NB

The following seeds are great options for those in New Brunswick.

Goji OG Seeds

The Goji OG seeds are a great choice for those looking for a seed with a strong taste and up to 26% THC. These seeds are great for reducing stress, creating creativity, and adding relaxation to people’s lives. Aromas and flavors prominent in these plants include licorice, cherry, strawberry, and berry.

Girl Scout Diesel Seeds

Girl Scout Diesel seeds are a potent feminized plant strain that can do well both indoors and outdoors. This strain is fairly easy to grow and has a relatively short flowering time. This strain combines two popular strains to give a pungent aroma with a convenient flowering time.

Cheesecake Autoflower Seeds

Cheesecake Autoflower seeds are used to promote happy feelings, reduce anxiety, and fight fatigue and migraines. This strain has a unique cheesecake-like aroma and flavor and has up to 24% THC. This Sativa plant has a yield of 450-600 grams when grown indoors and a yield of 60- 300 grams when grown outdoors.

The Value of Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower seeds are one type of seed that many people turn to. These plants flower automatically. As a result, they are very easy to grow and bloom quickly. These are great for buyers who want the most convenient and easy plant experience possible. However, these plants usually have smaller heights, but they do have a shorter turnaround time.

The Benefits of Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are a popular choice because these seeds are more potent, and feminized seeds make the plant more likely to be female. Auto-flowering seeds are different from feminized seeds because auto-flowering seeds do flower automatically, which can be convenient and simplify the growing process; however, feminized seeds tend to be stronger and produce greater yields.

The reasons people choose feminized seeds include:

  • A longer growing time
  • Taller plant heights
  • Larger yields per square metre

These reasons make feminized plants ideal for all types of growers and are good for both beginners and experts alike!

Begin Your Cannabis Cultivation Journey with WSC Today

With an abundant selection of quality seeds, fast shipping, and a devoted team, WSC is the trusted companion on your cannabis cultivation journey. Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge to maximize your yield in New Brunswick, it’s time to make your move. Remember, the quality of your crop begins with the seed.

Browse our extensive selection of strains, select those that align with your preferences and the New Brunswick climate, and embark on your rewarding cultivation experience. Whether you’re a first-time grower or a seasoned cultivator, there’s no better time than now to get started. Don’t wait for another season to pass you by. Your thriving cannabis garden is just a few clicks away. Order your seeds from WSC today, and let’s grow together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the latest updates on Cannabis Culture in New Brunswick from Weed Seeds Canada. Our writers are not lawyers and this page should not replace legal advice from a lawyer. We are marijuana seed farmers not legal professionals so read on about weed cultivation and use in NB at your own risk.

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in New Brunswick ?

Yes, souvenir seeds bought for collection and novelty purposes are legal in NB. Save your marijuana seed in a humidity and temperature controlled environment like a jar in the basement. Collect all 619 varieties today.


Written by Rick Smith . Updated: July 10, 2023

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