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  • Why WSC is the place to goWeed Seeds Canada is the premier Labrador seed bank to go for your seeds because with us you get a product you love from people you trust. We’re not in the cannabis business, we’re in the people business, and we serve premium souvenir hemp seeds to loyal customers. There’s a reason most of our customer base has been with us for years. If we don’t already serve you, we’d love to. Check out our selection, we’re positive we have what you need. 
  • Best selection of seedsThere’s not much else to consider when you already have access to over 700 seeds in our catalogue. We have seeds to cover all the categories, including hemp, CBD, CBG, high THC, high yielding, indica, sativa, autoflower, and feminized. We’re closer to you than your local seed bank, and we have more product and better quality. 
  • Stable Tested GeneticsThis Newfoundland seed bank has the best quality seeds because our quality control is immaculate, and we don’t let anything get past us. We would never sell you a seed we wouldn’t plant ourselves, and it doesn’t get pickier than us. 
  • Thousands of satisfied customersWe have a lot we can say as the number one Canadian seed bank, but our customers can tell it better than we can. We have thousands of reviews and testimonies from people that can attest to our dedication to them and delivering them quality products, and that is where our biggest satisfaction comes from. 
  • Quickest Shipping in CanadaIt’s not the best feeling when you place an order for something you really want only to feel like it’s never going to get there. Because we don’t want you to experience that, we ship our all order the very next business day. Our packages have excellent tracking and are discreet, so you’ll never have to worry about prying eyes.

Buy Seeds That Thrive in Newfoundland

  • Educate reader on WSC product line, and shipping times If you’re looking for a particular seed, no matter how rare, chances are we have it. And if you want to discover a new seed, you’ve definitely come to the right place. With over 700 premium seeds in our arsenal, we’re ready for any request. If you want a small sample of two seeds, we’ll send it to you, and if you want to support a large operation with thousands of seeds, we’ll ship that to you too. Regardless of the order size, it’s all shipped the next business day. 
  • Over seven hundred strains to choose fromWe cover a lot of categories with the range of seeds we have. If you need seeds to grow for medicinal purposes, we have CBD and CBG seeds, as well as high THC and high CBD seeds for those with chronic ailments. We have a wide variety of sativas and indicas, both pure and hybrids. We have tons of feminized seeds and autoflowers galore. Check out our easy-to-navigate menu or use the search bar to find exactly what you’re looking for.  
  • Over two hundred Autos Autoflower seeds are pot seeds that have been crossed with the ruderalis strain so that they can imitate their growing habits. This allows your plants to flower based on time and maturity as opposed to a specific light schedule, saving you lots of time and effort. We have over two hundred autoflower seeds available, which are great for beginner growers and perfect for an indoor grow no matter your skill level.  
  • Over 70 Fast-flower femsOur fast-flowering feminized seeds are the key to a speedy grow, especially in a short grow season. These only produce female flowers, which means you get the maximum yield possible from your harvest. 
  • Orders ship next business day after confirmation of paymentLong waits are no fun for anyone, especially when you’re looking to get your seeds germinated as soon as possible. We make it easy for you to pay through E-transfer, and once that has been confirmed, you can be sure that your package will be on its way to you the very next business day.

Source Cheap Seeds Newfoundland

  • Educate reader on the fact that not all cheap seeds are quality seeds. Watch out for hermaphrodites & unstable seeds & old seedsWe understand having a tight budget, but ordering cheap seeds from just anywhere does not mean that you’ll be happy with your purchase. Companies may choose to sell their undesirables as cheap seeds, which will leave you with unwanted consequences like getting hermaphrodites, unstable seeds, or old seeds. 
  • Cheapest in Canada among the reputable seed banksWe can understand supporting the NL seed bank down the road, but at what cost to you. Not every seed bank is a reputable one, and even among those select few they still don’t compare to our prices, selection, or quality. 
  • Payment options E-transfer is the quickest and most convenient way to send us your payment. It’s hassle-free, secure, and available to all citizens of Labrador. Debit and direct debit are options as well. 
  • E-Transfers – If you are using E-transfer for the first time, once you set up your account, you will need to add the person or business you are sending payment to as a contact on your banking dashboard. This is standard for most digital banking services. 
  • The other person needs to know the code to accept the transfer and then its irreversible once accepted. – As a security measure, you will need to send the recipient a code so that they are able to accept the transfer. Once the money has been sent and confirmed, it cannot be undone.

The Best Time of Year to Grow Cannabis Outdoors in Newfoundland

  • How long is the growing season outdoorsThe growing season in Labrador is fairly short, and unless you’re growing really hardy crops, the chances of survival are pretty slim. Your best shot at growing a field of green is to plant your seeds indoors. It will take some investing in the process by getting a grow tent, lights, soil, etc., but trust us, it will be worth it. 
  • When should growers plant their seedlings Newfie’s can start planting their cannabis seedlings at anytime if they’re running an indoor grow operation. If you must plant outside, we suggest growing your plants in pots, and bringing them outside during the day to get sun and back inside at night so they don’t freeze to death. 
  • When should growers look to harvestGrowers can look to harvest their plants when the buds, are popping, the resin is dripping, and leaves start hanging low. It’s recommended that you grow your plants indoors, and how long a seed takes to be ready for harvest will vary based on the particular plant. Autoflowers will harvest naturally after they hit a certain level of maturity, and photoperiods will be ready for harvest with a shift in light cycle.

Growing Weed Indoors from Seed

  • Set your harvests to beat the outdoor crops and get a better rate for your crops before supply drops the price!Newfie’s you’re competing with growers in your area, due to the weather, chances are they are growing their plants inside too. What will set you apart from them is the quality of your buds and the size of your yield. We’ve got you covered on both fronts, so rest assured you’ll have the best product in the game. 
  • Can grow all year around in grow tent, indoorsUnless you have a spare room in your house where you can dedicate it completely to your grow operation, a grow tent will be your best friend. This will create a controlled environment that you can optimize to produce your weed seeds. 
  • Standard equipment to grow indoorsGrow lights are one of the most important factors when dealing with an indoor grow. Not just any light will do, and you need enough to lights compliment the size of your grow. You also need fertilized soil, unless you have a hydroponic or aeroponic set up, in which case you’ll need other equipment. 
  • More potent and higher yields with controlled environmentGrowing in a controlled environment means you have the best chance to have a positive effect on your plants. There are less disruptors like pests and weather, and with careful attentiveness, you can extract the maximum potential from every plant. 
  • Flexibility to use hydro, aero and other automationsEvery Newfie knows the beauty of an inside grow is the flexibility that it affords in controlling your entire operation. You are no longer restricted the condition of the soil outside, or to soil at all. There are other methods like hydroponics and aeroponics that you can use to make your plants flourish.

The Best Fertilizer for Growing Marijuana Outside in Newfoundland

What to look for in a fertilizer – Suited for growing cannabis and work well in the NL environment – The fertilizer you use will make all the difference in how your plants turn out. We recommend using something organic as opposed to chemical, as these factors can affect not only the quality, but the taste of the flower. Use the fertilizer appropriate for the growing medium you’re using, and most importantly, make sure it’s rich in nutrients.

The Perfect Strains to Grow Newfoundland

What type of cannabis strain is best suited to the Newfoundland environment – Autoflower? feminized? fast flower? long flower? Mold resistant? – Our seeds are strong and able to survive adverse conditions, but the fact remains that some will do better in certain environments than others. For the Newfoundland frost, indica seeds would be better suited as sativas are better in tropical weather. Mold resistant strains can be a savior, and fast flowers means you have shorter times to harvest, which will allow you to knock out more grow cycles in a season.

Top 3 Sativa Weed Strains to Buy NL

Haze XL Autoflower Seeds When the temperature is constantly below freezing in Newfoundland, it takes extra effort to muster energy most days. This Rudy x Haze XL sativa hybrid is the answer you’ve bene looking for. The 23% THC and 2% CBD will stimulate your senses, giving you a strong cerebral high. 

3 Kings Seeds The combination of Headband x Sour Diesel x OG Kush makes this strain worthy of the moniker 3 Kings. Perfect for Labrador residents, this strain has a better chance of survival when grown inside. You’ll get a solid 550g per m2 of this 19% THC hybrid sativa.

Grapefruit Seeds Too many gray days in a row can be depressing, but we have a solution for that. This zesty sativa has 19% THC, and it hits you right in the happy receptors, acting as an instant mood changer. You’ll get the citrusy taste of breakfast at any time of day with the lemon, orange, and grapefruit flavors.

Top 3 Indica Marijuana Strains to Buy NL

Rotten Zkittlez Seeds –  When the weather gets a little too crazy in Newfoundland, you may experience some discomfort and maybe even insomnia. We have the perfect cure for that, and it’s this 30% THC hybrid indica. Take a few extra puffs and this baby will send you right to bed while feeling the warm and fuzzies inside.

Bubblegum Sherbet Seeds – You may be reluctant to have some sherbet while it’s frigid outside, but that’s precisely why we recommend this 32% THC hybrid indica. You’ll be so warm after smoking this Bubblegum you might be tempted to go outside with no shirt on. We suggest a blanket and a movie, but we won’t crush your Viking dreams.

Watermelon OG Autoflower Seeds This OG has come to protect your mind, body, spirit, and sanity. The soothing taste of sweet tropical grape is a great introduction to the warmth that will cruise through your body after passing through your lips. A 25% THC hybrid indica, do yourself a favor and get all your chores out the way, so you can fully relax when you have some of this one

The Benefits of Autoflower Seeds

  • What is an autoflower seed? How it is different to a photoperiod seed (feminized)An autoflower seed is different from a photoperiod seed because it does not require the same level of sunlight. It actually flowers on its own based on maturity, which makes the growing process so much easier. 
  • generally, have shorter turn around timesAutoflowers tend to flower faster than photoperiod strains because they don’t need to wait for seasons to change. Once they get to a certain point in their growth, the bodacious buds you’ve been waiting for begin to appear like magic. 
  • typically, shorter plant heightsSince photoperiods have a longer span of time to grow, they get taller than autos and has a higher average yield 
  • why reader should grow autosGrowing autoflowers is the preferred method for many growers because of the amount of time and effort it saves. This is especially true for people in colder climates and those who are limited to an indoor grow. It also means you can have more harvests per year, which is better for you and your business. 

The Perks of Feminized Seeds

  • What is a feminized seed? How it is different to an autoflower seed – Feminized seeds are seeds that have had the males removed from the germination process. They are able to flower on their own, therefore producing fields of female only plants.
  • generally, have longer grow time – Feminized seeds have a longer grow time, but that’s to give all the massive trichome filled nugs time to form. 
  • typically, taller plant heights –  These ladies keep reaching for the sun, lengthening their stalks and creating more room for even more flowers. 
  • typically, larger yields per m2Because there are no males in a field of feminized seeds, you automatically have twice as many flowers since males are usually half the bunch. Feminized plants also grow taller, which means even more flowers! 
  • why reader should grow fems – Feminized seeds are a no brainer for anyone who is focused on having a bigger harvest. Unless you are trying to breed a new strain, there’s almost no reason not to get feminized seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the latest updates on Cannabis Culture in Newfoundland from Weed Seeds Canada. Our writers are not lawyers and this page should not replace legal advice from a lawyer. We are marijuana seed farmers not legal professionals so read on about weed cultivation and use in Newfoundland at your own risk.

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Newfoundland ?

Yes, souvenir seeds bought for collection and novelty purposes are legal in NL. Save your marijuana seed in a humidity and temperature controlled environment like a jar in the basement. Collect all 619 varieties today.


Written by Rick Smith . Updated: February 26, 2023

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