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With the rise of indoor cannabis farming, those who want to buy high-quality seeds on a budget are now turning to feminized seeds.

Feminized cannabis seeds are carefully selected within controlled environments over time to produce female-only plants. They are now preferred among cannabis growers since eliminating the male plants results in a more generous collection of curable buds.

At Weed Seeds Ninja, our seeds are perfect for cultivating flowers in your home garden. They produce female-only plants, allowing you to focus on growing sticky cannabis that is more potent due to the overabundance of trichomes.

So, what sets feminized cannabis seeds from other cannabis seeds?

  • First, they contain higher amounts of cannabinoids. Because feminized plants do not produce seeds, they have a higher potency ratio.
  • Due to high amounts of cannabinoids, plants sprouting from feminized seeds are ideal for indoor cultivation, since you can produce more within small spaces.

Weed Seeds has spent the years developing our product line to fit our supreme quality standards. We promise to bring you unadulterated, superior pot seeds.

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What is a Feminized Cannabis Seed?

There are two types of cannabis seeds you can find in the market—regular and feminized marijuana seeds.

Regular seeds can produce male and female plants, which keeps the growth cycle going. On the other hand, female seeds have pure female genetics and will only blossom into female plants.

Modern breeders use an age-old agricultural technique that alters the hormone production of female plants through a mixture of water and colloidal silver. This process causes the females to produce pollen and assume the male role of pollinating other female plants.

As a result, the seeds are produced at a 99% feminization rate.

Feminized seeds are easier to grow and take up less space. Thus, they are a more economical use of resources if you want to have enough potent flowers to keep you content all year.

Note: Before we proceed, we must explain the distinction between a feminized seed and an autoflowering seed. The primary difference is in how the two sets of seeds flower and become mature plants. While feminized seeds require manual light adjustment to flower, autoflowering seeds do it automatically.

Let’s now look at why you should consider growing from a feminized seed.

What are the Benefits of Growing Cannabis Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are generally preferred over regular seeds by novice and experienced growers alike. In this section, we explore some of the associated advantages and why they are best for maximizing your yield and potency. Our aim is to explain what gives them an edge over autoflowering seeds.

#1 There is better control over the growth of the plant during indoor cultivation

As a grower, you can choose when to flip the plant to the flowering stage when cultivating feminized seeds indoors.

This is because cannabis seeds are photoperiodic—they require a change in daylight hours to begin flowering, and as long as you have control over the light cycle, you can always maximize your yield.

#2 There is minimal concern for accidentally growing male plants

It is important to note that there is a risk in not separating male and female cannabis plants. This is because when male and female plants grow together over time, pollination can occur, and the male plants can overtake your crop and drain the female cannabis plants of energy. This can significantly lower your yield or destroy the crop altogether.

However, you never have to worry about low yield by cultivating female-only cannabis plants.

#3 There are no male plants around to cause hermaphroditism among the female plants

Due to the ability to produce pollen and fertilize female plants, male plants can lead to the growth of hermaphrodite cannabis plants with both male and female flowers.

These types of plants are often undesired within the growing industry, since they can easily produce plants full of seeds. Such a scenario would significantly reduce the quantity and quality of your product.

However, feminized seeds can produce cannabis plants that are 100% free from hermaphrodites.

#4 Feminized seeds have larger yields compared to autoflowering seeds

Based on their physiology and morphology, feminized cannabis strains can produce higher yields than autoflowering seeds, whether you’re cultivating indoors or outdoors.

This is because feminized plants are larger, taller, and produce fewer leaves. There is also a higher THC percentage in the buds compared to autoflowering seeds.

What are the Compromises You Make from Choosing Feminized Seeds?

While feminized cannabis seeds are assisted with better control over the plant’s growth, easier control of male plants, non-hermaphroditism, and larger yields than autoflowering seeds, they still have some downsides.

We have listed the main ones below.

  • Feminized plants need more attention: Compared to autoflowering seeds, they need constant monitoring and adjustments to ensure they turn out right. Since feminized plants require manual light adjustment to enter the flowering stage, you may find the cultivation hectic initially if you’re a new grower. However, with patience and enough effort, you will reap the rewards of a bountiful harvest.
  • Feminized plants typically take longer to reach optimal harvest: Feminized plants are photoperiodic, often taking longer to flower compared to other seed types. Nevertheless, this extended flowering period can lead to higher-quality buds and larger yields.
  • Feminized plants grown outdoors depend entirely on the time of year: This issue is related to the previous point in that the growth of feminized outdoor plants is contingent on the natural light cycles of the season. This means that they are vulnerable to changes in daylight hours. Therefore, the process requires carefully timing the planting and growth cycles to coincide with the natural light cycles of the season.

Do Feminized Seeds Yield More Than Autoflowering Seeds?

Yes, feminized seeds yield more than autoflowering seeds. This ability to produce more occurs because growers can extend the plant’s growth stage before they flip to the flowering stage. Feminized seeds are also typically larger than autoflowering plants and can produce bigger buds.

Therefore, if you’re aiming for maximum yield and the highest potency within a single cultivation season, then you should go for feminized seeds. They are generally easy to grow as long as you can adapt accordingly to changes in the light cycle.

Do Feminized Seeds Create Plants That Produce Seeds?

No, feminized seeds do not yield seed-producing plants. Feminized cannabis seeds are carefully selected within controlled environments over time to produce female-only plants. Therefore, they cannot yield male plants, which are the ones that produce seeds.

Nevertheless, it can happen under extreme stresses on the plant, such as through reverse pollination.

Reverse pollination entails introducing a female plant to a male plant or to a hormone-induced female plant to enable the production of male flowers. Growers then use these flowers to pollinate the female plant.

Feminized seeds can also create plants that produce seeds by turning into hermaphrodites when they are cultivated in proximity to a male plant.

In Canada, Is Feminized Seed the Best Option for a New Grower?

When it comes to selecting between feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds, it ultimately depends on the preferences and goals of the individual grower.

For example, you might go for feminized seeds if your objective is to produce high-quality buds. This is also a viable option if you have the time and resources to dedicate to careful cultivation.

On the other hand, autoflowering seeds can be an ideal option for new growers because they require less attention than feminized seeds. They are generally low-maintenance, meaning you can cultivate them even with low experience.

Some other benefits associated with autoflowering seeds are as follows.

  • They have a shorter growing time for both outdoor and indoor cultivation than feminized seeds
  • They are not as dependent on external factors like light cycles and the time of year, which makes them easier to grow for beginners
  • Autoflowering seeds can produce multiple harvests in a single growing season
  • Can be grown discreetly due to their small size and rapid growth.

Which Cannabis Strains Take Up the Shortest Time to Grow?

Our feminized cannabis strains with the shortest growing periods are Kush Mintz Fast Photo Fem (6-8 weeks flowering time), Cindy Skunk Fast Photo Fem (9-11 weeks flowering time), and Blue Cookies Fast Photo Fem(6-9 weeks flowering time).

Due to the relatively shorter flowing time, these three strains are suitable for growers who wish to harvest their crops quickly and efficiently.

Shop Your Feminized Cannabis Seeds From Us Today

Feminised cannabis seeds have pure female genetics and will only blossom into female plants. They have a 99% feminization rate, easy to grow, and take up less space than other seed types. These traits make feminised seeds perfect for cultivating flowers in your home garden.

At Weed Seeds Ninja, we specialize in the sale of feminized cannabis seeds for the Canadian market. Our feminised seeds are meant for home cannabis growers looking to invest in high-quality seeds without breaking the bank.

Our products are affordable, reliable, and ideal for those who want a successful yield. With our feminised seeds, you won’t have to worry about removing male plants or dealing with low-quality buds.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to start your next cultivation season in Canada.


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