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Using high-quality seeds is one of the key requirements for growing healthy and stable cannabis plants. Although the final yield depends on various factors (such as adequate watering, availability of nutrients, level of pest and disease control, and good light quality), it all begins with superior genetics. To ensure you get the exact genetics you need, it’s best to source your seeds from a professional Canadian seed bank reputed for its excellence in genetics engineering and selective breeding. That’s where Weed Seeds Canada comes into play.

Why Weed Seeds Ninja is the Best Place to Go

Weed Seeds Canada boasts of being one of Canada’s most trusted seed banks, dedicated to delivering high-grade cannabis seeds that result in aromatic flavors, stable genetics, high yields, and high THC and CBD levels. Here are reasons you should make us your No. 1 seed supplier:

  1. Best selection of seeds – WSC vaunts an unparalleled selection of quality seeds, from autoflower and feminized strains to long flower and mold-resistant strains. Our seeds appeal to various types of customers, providing any seeds they need, including high-level THC strains, mellow CBD seeds for medical use, and balanced hybrids for enhanced potency.
  2. Stable tested genetics – We thoroughly and precisely test our seeds to determine the best genetics. We closely observe them, and any strain that fails to meet the test parameters or exhibits any form of physical blemishes (such as leaf disease, powdery mildew, or male tendencies) is discarded. That goes a long way in enhancing disease resistance.
  3. Thousands of happy customers – WSC’s cannabis seeds are highly coveted by marijuana buffs and commercial cultivators because of their unmatched cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Thousands of customers purchase our seeds for their dud resistance, stable genetics, and epic THC and CBD levels. They are happy to refer their friends, family, and business associates to us.
  4. Quickest shipping in Canada – At Weed Seeds Canada, we back up our superior seed bank by providing an unmatched purchase experience. Unlike other seed suppliers, WSC provides next-day shipping – the quickest shipping in Canada. That alleviates any downtime that may slow down your growing schedule.

Buy Seeds for Alberta

WSC ranks among the top Canadian seed banks for its wide selection of over 700 cannabis strains; all provided without compromising on quality and high-level germination rates. Below is a breakdown of the strains you can choose from our seed inventory:

  • 200+ autoflower strains
  • 800+ CBD strains
  • 550+ feminized strains
  • 90+ regular cannabis strains

We provide the quickest shipping in Canada; all orders are shipped the next business day after payment confirmation. Customers can expect orders in discreet packaging sent straight from our AB seed bank.

Cheap Seeds Alberta

The conventional cannabis seed market – versus the organically grown seeds – contributed to the highest market share in 2021, accounting for more than half of the global market share. By region, North America accounted for over four-fifths of the global weed seeds market during the same period. Why does that matter to you – the seed buyer?

With the expanding North America’s green thumb – due to marijuana legalization and increased toleration of cannabis – many rogue operators have emerged, selling cheap, low-quality cannabis seeds in their pursuit of quick and easy money. If it’s too cheap to be true, it probably isn’t.

Cannabis seeds may all look the same from the outside, but it’s what’s found inside that counts. Unfortunately, knowing what’s inside cheap cannabis seeds is challenging unless they’ve germinated and developed into plants. You should avoid some seed strains and characteristics when sourcing cannabis seeds. They include:

  • Hermaphrodites – Hermaphrodite marijuana seeds are those that sprout into plants with both male and female flowers. While that occurs naturally, it’s an undesired trait when cultivating marijuana for consumption. There are high chances of the plant producing too many seeds, which significantly lowers the yield and quality of the final product.
  • Unstable seeds – Seed stability refers to the variability and predictability found in a particular strain. When a seed is unstable, variability is high and predictability low, and the reverse is true for stable seeds. Stability is achieved through selective cross-breeding and genetic engineering to obtain a plant of diverse offspring containing traits from both parents. That also ensures the marijuana plant achieves the desired color, root length, plant height, leaf size, disease resistance, different biochemical profiles, etc.
  • Old seeds – Some cannabis seed banks store seeds for a long time to preserve the original genetic makeup of a strain that appeals to customers. Albeit a marijuana seed can last up to 10 years if stored properly, making it germinate is a challenge. When stored for too long, the seed coat dries over time, making it more difficult for water to penetrate into the seed.

Still, not all cheap cannabis seeds are of poor quality. There’s a limited number of seed banks in Canada that create some of the best cultivars on the market. Weed cultivators who don’t value overpaying for their seeds will relish the wide selection of cheap marijuana seeds at Weed Seeds Canada. Customers can choose from feminized seeds, regular seeds, autoflower varieties or a hybrid pack to spruce up and diversify their gardens.

Convenient and Fast Payment Option: E-Transfer

E-transfer enables customers to complete their payments to our bank account when ordering cannabis seeds, regardless of where they bank.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign in to your mobile banking app and select “Interac e-Transfer. From the menu, click “Send Money.”
  2. Enter the amount of money you want to pay, and then choose the account you’d like to send the money from.
  3. Choose an existing contact or email address of the recipient. We have access to online and mobile banking at a Canadian bank, so making the payment to us through e-Transfer won’t be a problem.
  4. Choose how to notify the recipient and create a security question or code that only you and us will know.
  5. Select how often you’d like to purchase seeds, make payments, and set the start and end days. If you’re making a one-time purchase, select “Once.”
  6. Review the transaction details and click “Send Money” or “Yes.” We’ll receive a notification and claim the payment.

The Best Time of the Year to Grow Cannabis Outdoors

The cannabis cultivation season is often known as the weed season; the time weed growers eagerly await to put their cannabis seeds/seedlings in the soil for germination – a period that spans from spring to fall. If you’re a beginner in marijuana cultivation, it would be best first to understand the growing season.

When should growers plant their seeds?

In the Northern Hemisphere, outdoor weed cultivators start placing their cannabis plants outside in April or May, depending on the specific climate. It’s also the time when gardeners and farmers may start seedlings indoors.

In early spring, the seeds germinate. From spring to early summer, the plants reach the seedling stage and transition to the vegetative stage in early fall. The flowering stage of the female cannabis plant starts in fall.

A good practice is to start germinating the seeds and allowing the seedlings to develop in a warm, controlled indoor environment weeks before the growing season. At this time, the plant will have grown stronger and longer to be transplanted outdoors in early spring.

When should growers look to harvest?

Harvest season is usually around the Autumn Equinox, although the timing for harvest is generally an art. Besides noticing brown pistils, you can also tell it’s time to harvest by inspecting the trichomes – the resinous glands covering the flower. If the trichomes have an amber hue or the fan leaves start to yellow, curl, or dry out, that’s the perfect harvest time.

Growing Marijuana Indoors from Seeds

Growing weed indoors beats outdoor cultivation because you can grow the plant anytime, independent of the climate. Besides, indoor cultivation enables you to set up a controlled environment, allowing you to fully control the plant and what goes into it.

Below are some benefits of growing marijuana indoors.

Faster Crop Turnover

Typically, it takes about three months for marijuana plants to grow from seed to harvest, although that time varies depending on the strain you grow. That’s not the case with outdoor cultivation. From early spring to fall, that’s a good nine months until the plants are ready for harvesting.

Additionally, because indoor marijuana plants grow in a controlled environment throughout their growth cycle, cultivators can reap multiple harvests throughout the year. That means you can harvest to beat outdoor crops and get a higher pay for the crop before supply causes a price decrease.

Grow Cannabis All-Year-Round

For better growth and high yields, marijuana plants need low humidity, warm temperatures at night and hot temperatures during the day. However, outdoor cultivators must wait for the perfect climatic conditions to grow their crops.

With indoor cultivation, you can have optimal climatic conditions because you can regulate such factors. The setup allows you to control the temperatures, humidity levels, CO2 production, airflow, and ventilation. Your cannabis plants will continue to grow throughout the year, independent of the seasons.

High Potency and Yields

Indoor cannabis cultivators can generate higher profit margins from indoor-cultivated cannabis plants because controlled growing conditions at an indoor site generally result in high-quality plants and high yields.

Furthermore, indoor marijuana plants have higher potency of THC, CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids than outdoor cannabis due to their increased trichome count and dense nugs. Because indoor cultivators can control the necessary environmental elements, it results in better bud growth and high cannabinoid levels, which means high potency and optimized therapeutic benefits.

Flexibility to Use Various Cultivation Technologies

While outdoor cultivation limits you to the soil as your primary medium, indoor cannabis cultivation provides the flexibility to leverage various cultivation technologies to ensure your plants grow better and produce quality yields. Examples of technologies used in indoor farms include:

  • Hydroponics – First conceptualized by NASA, hydroponics was initially developed to enable the cultivation of plants in space but has since proven to be an effective farming technique on earth. Hydroponics involves growing cannabis plants in an inert growth medium and watering it using a nutrient-rich solution.
  • Aeroponics – A form of hydroponic technology, aeroponics can be used to start cannabis clones to give them a healthy roof system before being potted. You can also use the technique throughout the plant’s growth cycle. This technology involves planting cannabis crops in a computerized setup with their roots suspended in the air. The system monitors every growth stage, providing plants with the nutrients and conditions required at each stage.

The Best Fertilizer for Growing Marijuana Outside Alberta

Cultivating marijuana outdoors may seem pretty straightforward, but there’s a lot to consider, especially regarding supplies and tools. That involves identifying the best nutrients for outdoor conditions.

The distribution pattern of soils in Alberta highly depends on the climate, vegetation, and parent materials. In Alberta, 52 million acres are used for agriculture. Of that, 23 million acres are used for crop cultivation. Different variations of Chernozemic soils dominate the South East and northwest, while organic soils are found in the northern part of the province.

While Chernozem soil is very fertile and can produce high crop yield – thanks to its high moisture retention capacity – none of these areas are Class 1 croplands, according to the soil rating system by Agriculture Canada. Alberta’s best land is Class 2, most of which is found east of Calgary and Edmonton.

The primary nutrients required for better cannabis growth include nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous, also known as NPK. Each fertilizer package features the NPK specification on its label, followed by three numbers. The numbers are indicated next to the “NPK” initials and correspond to the proportion of these elements in the fertilizer. For instance:

  • A fertilizer with an NPK of 4/2/3 means a higher nitrogen concentration than potassium and phosphorous. Therefore, this fertilizer is suitable for use during the vegetative stage, when the plants need more nitrogen.
  • A fertilizer with an NPK of 2/3/4 contains more potassium than phosphorous and nitrogen and is recommended to use during the flowering stage.

It’s not recommended to add fertilizers means or indoor cultivations to an outdoor setting. Doing so can upset the soil and nutrient content when added to the soil or flushed from the pot. Instead, use organic fertilizers. Some of the best options include:

  • Blood meal, fish meal, or bat guano (for nitrogen)
  • Bone meal or rock dust (for phosphorous)
  • Wood ash or kelp meal (for potassium)
  • Dolomite (for calcium and magnesium)

The Perfect Strains to Grow in Alberta

Although you can grow various cannabis strains in Alberta, autoflowers and feminized plants are believed to be the perfect strains for the Alberta climate and soil. Still, your choice depends on your cultivation experience and needs/goals.


For beginners, it would be best to grow autoflower strains (discussed below). They are relatively easy to grow and highly resilient. It’s a hardy strain that does well in Alberta, especially near Calgary. Autoflowers are also perfect if you’re growing cannabis for CBD. An autoflower CBD strain contains more or less the same THC and CBD levels, providing the perfect blend for relaxation and pain relief.

Feminized Strains

If you’re a connoisseur of cannabis or an experienced cultivator pursuing high levels of THC and CBD, you might want to choose feminized seeds. Unlike autoflower strains, feminized marijuana plants require more care and extended flowering time and produce a much higher yield per plant. In Alberta, the classic White Widow strain grows pretty well. Almost every seasoned grower is familiar with this strain and what it can do. It’s Indica dominant and easy to grow.

Top 3 Types of Sativa Weed Strains to Buy AB

If you’re looking for the best Sativa strains to grow in Alberta, here are the top three options:

  1. Mimosa – Our feminized Mimosa strain ranks top when it comes to flavor and aroma. With WSC Mimosa seeds, you’re guaranteed to grow cannabis plants that deliver a zesty taste with high potency and yields. Its THC level can be as high as 30%, allowing enthusiasts to wallow in a potent “high” characterized by an invigorating, euphoric feeling. Yields shoot through the roof; Mimosa cultivators can expect anywhere between 1700-2000 grams per plant when grown outside and 700 grams per plant when grown indoors.
  2. Bruce Banner Seeds – As its name suggests, this hulk-inspired strain features incredible THC levels that shouldn’t be taken lightly, not even by the most experienced cultivator or pot enthusiast. With THC levels of up to 30% and less than 2% CBD level, this stain causes some trippy events when consumed in high amounts, such as complete psychosis (though temporary), crushing cerebral euphoria, trance-like demeanors, erotic arousal, giggle fits, and sets consumers free to express their true outer limits. It has an 8-10-week flowering time, producing 450-500g per square meter (indoor yield) and 500-600g per plant (outdoor yield).
  3. Quarter Pounder Autoflower Seeds – Quarter Pounder is a high-produce autoflower strain with a mysterious history from the jungles of Brazil. A Sativa hybrid, QP checks all the boxes for the perfect THC cannabis: size, color, aroma, density, and effect. Its well-cured buds hit hard, raising temperatures and tightening your thought impulses. It brings psychedelia arousal and sexually charges anyone so inclined. On the flip side, it’s also used medically to treat pain, spasms, cramping, PTSD, among others. Indoor cultivators can expect yields of 350-450g per square meter and outdoor yields of 100-150g per plant.

Top 3 Indica Marijuana Seeds to Buy AB

Growers specializing in Indica strains or beginners searching for high-grade Indica cannabis seeds need not look further than Weed Seeds Canada. Here are the top three Indica strains to grow in Alberta:

  1. Motor Breath Seeds – A hybrid strain, the Motor Breath Seeds are one of the best Indica seeds you can find on the market today. It has lofty THC levels of up to 33% and CBD levels of less than 1%, so you can expect a relaxing smoking experience with a high like no other. When cultivated indoors, these seeds deliver up to 450g per square meter and up to 550g per plant in an outdoor farm.
  2. Florida Sunrise Autoflower Seeds – For cannabis buffs with a sweet palate, you’ll delight in the fruity, sweet aroma of the Indica-dominant hybrid – Florida Sunrise Autoflower Seed. Indica plants of this strain contain up to 30% THC and less than 2% CBD. A few puffs of this strain will surely produce an energizing, euphoric, and uplifting effect. Its indoor yield is 400-450g per square meter and 500-600g per plant in an outdoor environment.
  3. Rotten Zkittlez Seeds – When you want a citrus, fruity flavor without giving up the euphoric and relaxed feeling of a hybrid Indica strain, consider purchasing the Rotten Zkittles Seeds. A marijuana flower from this seed delivers a striking “high,” as it can contains up to 30% THC and less than 2% CBD. Its flowering stage lasts 8-10 weeks and produces yields of up to 450g per square meter when cultivated indoors and up to 700g per plant when grown outside.

The Benefits of Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower seeds are highly sought-after because of their quick and easy growth time. Additionally, a cultivator needs not worry about regulating light schedules or high maintenance during the flowering stage. That’s what differentiates it from photoperiodic seeds. Their growth time usually ranges from 4-7 weeks.

  • Shorter turnaround times – Because they take a relatively shorter time to grow, autoflower seeds have a high turnaround, allowing you to produce multiple harvests in the same growth season compared to photoperiodic seeds.
  • Shorter plant height – Autoflowering plants grow up to a maximum of 3 feet, and you can fit them inside grow cabinets and other tight spaces for a little discretion.

Autoflowering strains can go from seed to harvest in as little as seven weeks, allowing for rapid and constant production of high-quality yields. One might think that because they grow in such a short amount of time, they can’t reach the yield levels of feminized strains, and you might be right, but they produce the flower much quicker for multiple growth cycles in the same space as one normal strain.

The Advantages of Photoperiodic Seeds

The major difference between photoperiodic and autoflowering strains is how they start flowering. The flowering stage of photoperiodic plants is triggered by the change in the light cycle, although they’ll stay in the vegetative stage indefinitely as long as they get 18 hours of light per day. Only when the light exposure per day changes to 12 hours can they transition to the flowering stage.

The advantages of photoperiodic strains include the following:

  • Longer growth time – Photoperiodic strains have a relatively more extended growth time, as they only shift into the flowering stage once their light cycle changes. That gives growers more control, enabling them to grow their plants to massive sizes.
  • Larger yields per square meter – Making the plants much bigger leads to higher yields than autoflowering plants.
  • Taller plant heights – Because photoperiodic plants grow for a longer period of time, they tend to grow taller than autoflowering plants.

Although photoperiodic strains are harder to grow and take longer from seed to harvest, they are the best option if you want higher THC levels (up to 30%). They also produce higher yields of 650-700g per square meter than autoflowers, which produce 400-600g per square meter. Besides, it has more variety of strains and traits and offers opportunities to clone.

At Weed Seeds Canada, we are dedicated to providing the highest-grade cannabis seeds for both Indica and Sativa strains. Each seed is carefully selected and genetically engineered to ensure stable plants, whether you want to grow feminized strains, autoflower strains, or CBD strains. Purchase seeds today by visiting our online seed bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the latest updates on Cannabis Culture in Alberta from Weed Seeds Canada. Our writers are not lawyers and this page should not replace legal advice from a lawyer. We are marijuana seed farmers not legal professionals so read on about weed cultivation and use in Alberta at your own risk.

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Alberta ?

Yes, souvenir seeds bought for collection and novelty purposes are legal in AB. Save your marijuana seed in a humidity and temperature controlled environment like a jar in the basement. Collect all 619 varieties today.


Written by Rick Smith . Updated: February 6, 2023

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