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Marijuana farms can be found throughout Canada, and British Columbia has been at the heart of production. Since the federal government legalized cannabis on 17 October 2018, weed production in the province has kept growing yearly. As of 2022, there were 212 licensed cannabis producers, 34 public weed stores, and 441 privately-held cannabis retailers.

The weed seed sector is at the root of this thriving weed industry, supplying wide-ranging seed strains to facilitate cultivation. The seed market is saturated with many seed banks claiming to provide high-quality seeds. Customers need help to filter out rogue operators in their search for stable and high-potency seeds. If you’re a newbie searching for cheap cannabis seeds for sale in British Columbia, look no further than Weed Seeds Canada (WSC).

WSC is a Canadian seed bank with a track record of providing high-quality strains that growers have come to love so much, and you’ll be compelled to try them all. If you plan on cultivating weed, you can find killer strains genetically engineered for growing in British Columbia.

Here are reasons why you should turn to us for weed seed supply:

  • Best selection of seeds – We boast an extensive selection of weed seeds to cater to various cultivators and growing techniques. From the best B.C. outdoor weed seeds to famous hydroponic strains for growing indoors, you’ll be spoilt for choices. We have regular, fems, CBD-rich, autoflowering, and hybrid seeds (for those who want to spruce up their gardens).
  • Stable, tested genetics – Our seeds are a result of professional cannabis breeding, constantly done to bring the finest pure strains and hybrids. We rigorously test and methodically select each seed to ensure it possesses the desired traits for final products to deliver a consistent experience with every use.
  • Thousands of happy customers – WSC weed seeds appeal to thousands of customers thanks to their stand-alone terpene profile, an array of effects, therapeutic benefits, and reliable growth tendencies. We back that up with exceptional customer support, providing valuable insights into the best seeds for various weed operations, and that’s something our customers highly appreciate.
  • Quickest shipping in Canada – The shipping process can make or break your purchase experience. We are proud to be the only British Columbia seed bank providing the quickest shipping in Canada, ensuring your order reaches you as soon as possible for seamless weed cultivation.

Buy Seeds That Thrive in British Columbia

We’ve got you covered with over 700 strains from around Canada, the US, and the world. That guarantees you’ll find the best strains to grow in British Columbia in stock. Here’s the best part: every strain we supply is suitable for outdoor cultivation during the B.C. growing season.

Here’s our selection of seeds you can choose from:

  • 200+ autoflower strains
  • 80+ CBD-rich seeds
  • 550+ feminized seeds
  • 90+ regular (normal) seeds

WSC is the best BC seed bank for quick and reliable shipping in British Columbia and Canada. All orders are shipped the next day after payment confirmation for prompt deliveries. We have the most advanced, super-stealth shipping, ensuring your order reaches you safely, 100% guaranteed.

Affordable Seeds British Columbia

The cannabis sector in Canada is rapidly evolving, and British Columbia is quickly becoming a national leader in weed production. With this successful growth comes a rising demand for cheap, high-quality pot seeds.

Many operators are providing cheap cannabis seeds. While that might appeal to cannabis growers who don’t value overpaying for their weed seeds, sometimes cheap is expensive. Some seeds may appear healthy, but what’s inside makes all the difference. The problem is that one can only know the quality of what’s inside a seed once it germinates and develops into a plant.

The explosion in B.C.’s cannabis industry has had its advantages. More research has been done to improve seed genetics and stability. The cannabis community is also more informed than ever before, thanks to the availability of reliable information online. However, the situation has led to the emergence of disreputable seed banks that resort to dubious schemes in search of easy and quick bucks. They commonly buy genetic seeds from wholesalers cheaply and repackage them in branded packaging. They’ll use all sorts of highballed and wild marketing claims to lure cheap seed hunters.

To ensure your weed seeds produce healthy, high-yield crops, it’s best to know the types of seeds to avoid. Examples include:

  1. Hermaphrodites

Hermaphrodite weed seeds produce crops that contain both male and female flowers, which is a natural occurrence. So, why is that a problem when growing cannabis for consumption? There’s a high chance of producing a plant full of seeds. You might grow female plants, but if there’s even one male plant, it can release pollens. Once pollinated, the female plants focus more energy on producing seeds instead of new buds. That significantly reduces the quality and quantity of your produce.

  1. Unstable seeds

There are two types of seed strains – stable and unstable. Stable seeds refer to strains in a lineage with the same qualities. Products obtained from stable seeds deliver a consistent effect or outcome with every use. On the other hand, unstable seed strains often produce crops more quickly, but there’s no consistency in traits, such as yield levels, color, plant height, disease resistance, cannabinoid profile, aroma, etc. An offspring of an unstable seed is a disreputable strain, and that’s why most growers and cannabis dispensaries don’t buy seeds or products obtained from plants cultivated from unstable seeds.

  1. Old seeds

Saving cannabis seeds is an effective means of preserving the best genetic varieties that customers have enjoyed or perform exceptionally well when grown. That’s why many seed banks store some seed strains for years.

Old seeds can indeed germinate, but it can be tricky and time-consuming. When stored for so long, the seed coat tends to harden, and the embryo inside the seed loses its juice and contents. Hence, they can’t generate the energy required to break the shell and push through the soil to the ground. Therefore, growers must first treat old cannabis seeds for them to germinate – a process that takes time and calls for a great deal of patience. Even after all that, you’re not guaranteed that your seeds will germinate.

Just because there are cheap, low-quality weed seeds don’t mean that all low-cost seeds are of poor quality. Weed Seeds Canada is one of the few Canadian seed banks that cater to customers shopping for seeds on tight budgets, allowing everyone to experience the recreational and therapeutic benefits of marijuana.

Convenient payment option

Weed Seeds Canada accepts payments through Interac e-Transfer, which provides easy, fast, and secure money transfers anytime and anywhere. E-Transfer is available on virtually all banking apps, so you can send your payment to us regardless of where you bank.

Before sending money, ensure you enroll your email address or mobile number through your phone banking app. Once you’re enrolled, send money by following the instructions on the screen:

  • Log into your mobile banking app and choose the account
  • Add our email address as the recipient
  • Enter the payment amount and a security question/code
  • We’ll receive a notification of the transfer, which we’ll accept by entering the same security question or code. Note that once the payment is accepted, the transfer is irreversible.

The Perfect Time of the Year to Grow Cannabis Outdoors in British Columbia

Half of all British Columbians live in the Metro Vancouver Regional District, nestled in the Southwestern corner of British Columbia. The region experiences a mild climate year-round, characterized by warm summers (June to August) and mild winters. Summers mean sunshine in B.C., with daytime temperatures of around 20°C-30°C. The coastal region also experiences the mildest winters in Canada, and temperatures barely drop below the freezing point.

Considering cannabis thrives well in the sun and warmth and has a low tolerance to cold and frost, the Vancouver climate provides suitable conditions for cultivation.

How long is the growing season outdoors?

The growing season starts in late May and ends in early October. A tell-tale sign that the growing season has arrived is the Victoria Day holiday (aka “May Two-Four”), which represents a time for outdoor adventure (camping, cottaging, fishing, etc.), but for weed growers, it marks the beginning of the weed season.

When should growers plant their seedlings?

It’s recommended to germinate your seeds in January or February at the latest. Ideally, you want to put out cannabis plants with heights ranging from 16-24 inches by late May. That will allow the plants about 8 weeks of vertical growth before the flowering phase.

When should growers look to harvest?

In British Columbia, particularly Vancouver, growers harvest their cannabis plants from early to mid-October. During this time, most of the wispy white hairs coating the flowers will have achieved a rust color. If you see 40%of the hairs are still white, allow the plants more time to grow until about 15% of white hairs are left before cutting them down. Ideally, you should let the plants’ hairs change color completely.

Growing Marijuana Indoors from Seed

Whether you are a commercial grower or want to cultivate cannabis for personal consumption, indoor cultivation is the best method to ensure your weed plants are protected from adverse outdoor weather.

While outdoor-grown marijuana depends on light intensity and duration of light as dictated by the latitudes, indoor cultivation gives you full control of the climatic conditions, such as humidity, temperature, ventilation, CO2 production, light exposure, etc. Thus, your plants grow in optimal conditions, and you can monitor their growth week in week out without a hassle.

The following are the benefits of indoor cannabis cultivation:

  1. Multiple harvests

Indoor-grown pot has a faster seed-to-harvest time, usually three months. However, that time varies, depending on the strain. On the flip side, cannabis plants grown outside require a good 7-9 months until they’re ready for harvest.

With indoor farming, you can control how your plants grow. You can let them grow as big as you please and can control when they flower and when you harvest. You’re also free to start another batch immediately after harvesting. That means you can have multiple harvests throughout the year, enabling you to beat the outdoor crop and get paid higher for your cannabis before supply causes prices to plummet.

  1. Grow weed all year-round

Since you can regulate the indoor environment/climate, you can grow your weed any time of the year, even in winter and summer, and you can expect consistent crops every time.

  1. More potency and higher yields

Cannabis grown indoors has a higher potency than the ones grown outside. That’s because the controlled indoor climate allows the plants to have a higher trichome count and dense nugs than their outdoor-grown counterparts. That said, you can expect better growth and higher THC and CBD levels. And as you know, better THC means a potent “high.” Additionally, you can dial in your indoor setup to allow your marijuana plants to grow as big as possible, which results in higher yields.

  1. Flexibility to use hydro and aero technologies

Growers have been using soil-based farming techniques since time immemorial. But with the growing climate concerns, agriculture must adapt to use less water and pesticides. Indoor farming facilitates the use of various technologies to boost yields while reducing water consumption. Some of these technologies include:

  • Hydroponics – In hydroponics, plant roots are immersed in nutrient-rich water full-time or planted in other soil substitutes and nourished by an intermittent water flow.
  • Aeroponics – Aeroponics is a form of hydroponics in which the plant’s roots are completely suspended in the air and sprayed with a nutrient-rich mist. That allows the roots to take in air at a much greater rate.

In both techniques, plants receive abundant nutrients to develop strong stalks and healthy roots while the nodes grow closer together. Besides, the controlled indoor environment eliminates the need for harmful chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides, allowing for pure organic cultivation.

Choosing the Best Fertilizer for Growing Marijuana Outside in British Columbia

The most common soil in British Columbia is Podzol, acidic soil formed by relatively coarse parent materials, such as glacial fluvial deposits, sandy till, and colluvium. The soil is dominated by non-crystalline aluminum and iron oxide, giving it its characteristic reddish color.

You can grow cannabis plants outdoors (in podzol soil) organically, but they can’t get all the nutrients from plain soil, water, sunlight, and air. Therefore, growers must enrich the soil using fertilizers to get high-quality and quantity produce.

What to look for in a fertilizer

To choose the best fertilizer for outdoor-grown marijuana, it’s crucial to understand a fertilizer’s NPK ratio (more on that in a bit).

The three essential elements necessary for healthy plant growth are:

  • Nitrogen (N)
  • Phosphorous (P)
  • Potassium (K)

Nitrogen promotes green leafy growth, phosphorous encourages the development of healthy roots and shoots, and potassium facilitates the development of flowers and fruits.

Cannabis plants need different proportions of these elements at specific stages in their growth cycle. The proportion of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium in any fertilizer is denoted by the NPK ratio. This ratio is indicated on the packaging label as a series of three numbers. For example, a fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 4-3-1 contains 4% nitrogen, 3% phosphorous, and 1% potassium compounds.

The growth cycle of marijuana is relatively simple and can be divided into three stages:

  1. Seedling stage – After germinating seeds in rockwool, seedlings with sprouts are placed in potted soil to provide them with organic nutrients. At this stage, you need not add fertilizer.
  2. Vegetative stage – Once you have a slightly developed root system, the plant will start to grow more leaves. That’s when you need to nourish them with your chosen fertilizer. Therefore, add a fertilizer with high nitrogen and potassium levels and medium phosphorous.
  3. Flowering stage – Also known as the “bloom stage,” the flowering phase is when cannabis plants develop buds. During this phase, you need a fertilizer with low nitrogen and high phosphorous and potassium levels.

Organic fertilizer

Sometimes working with the earth is the best option, and there are wide-ranging organic fertilizers you can use when growing weed outdoors. Organic fertilizers differ from chemical fertilizers in that they provide plants with nutrients while enriching the soil.

Growers typically mix organic fertilizers into the soil to establish a balanced symbiosis within the growing environment. In fact, using organic fertilizers during the vegetative and flowering stages can result in high yields on the strain. Once the fertilizer is fully incorporated into the soil, you need not add more nutrients during the growing process. Your job is only to water the plants.

Some examples of organic fertilizers include:

  • Nitrogen: bat guano, blood meal, worm castings, and fish meal
  • Phosphorous: rock dust, bone meal
  • Potassium: wood ash, kelp meal
  • Calcium and magnesium: dolomite lime

The Best-Suited Strains to Grow British Columbia

You can either choose to grow autoflowering strains or feminized seeds. The choice narrows down to your preference. Autoflower weed plants perform well in B.C. and have a faster seed-to-harvest time. Feminized seeds grow within 4-5 months, and the B.C. summer offers them enough time to grow and develop buds before harvesting in October.

Top 3 High THC Weed Strains to Buy BC

If you’re looking for weed strains with high THC potency, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 3 options you can consider:

  1. Amnesia Banner Seeds

Ordinarily, most THC-rich strains have a 24% THC level, but Amnesia Banner strains boast up to 28% THC concentration. This isn’t for the newbie; not even the experienced toker isn’t spared because this feminized hybrid strain will surely deliver a knock-out high that lets you wallow in a potent high that makes you forget you were troubled. With less than 2% CBD, Amnesia Banner is also known to offer therapeutic benefits. It has a flowering time of 9-10 weeks, delivering incredible indoor yields of up to 500g/m² and outdoor yields of 600g per plant.

  1. Big Jack Widow Autoflower Seeds

One of the top contenders for high THC weed strains, Big Jack Widow autoflower seeds boast up to 25% THC level and less than 3% CBD, perfect for the seasoned weed buff. A few puffs of this Big Jack releases an earthy, herbal, and sweet aroma that soothes your palate while delivering an energetic feeling, potently blended with euphoria and happiness. Planning to grow indoors? This strain will produce 500g/m² while outdoor-grown plants produce 200g per plant.

  1. Chocolate Thai Autoflower Seeds

Chocolate Thai is the perfect option if you’re searching for autoflowering seeds that deliver that extra kick. This miracle herb can grow indoors and outdoors, and within only three months after germination, they produce healthy plants with big, heavy buds. Containing up to 25% THC, a few hits of this Sativa hybrid allow you to savor a sweet, tropical, citric aroma while delivering a powerful, relaxing effect. It also boasts 2% CBD, and tokers can enjoy its wellness benefits, such as stress relief.

Top 3 High CBD Marijuana Strains to Buy BC

For growers focused on exploring the revolutionary therapeutic benefits of cannabis, the following three seed strains will enable you to create high-quality and effective CBD-based products:

  • Granny’s Medicine Seeds

Granny’s most trusted home remedies aren’t always the most palatable, but you bet these Granny’s Medicine seeds are. They have a rich terpene profile that delivers a sweet, cheesy, and citric flavor that tastes as good as it smells. This one-of-a-kind cultivar contains a high THC content of 22%, potently matched with a whopping 22% CBD level, ideal for both the recreational consumer and medicinal tokers. Taste the aromatic flavors and spicy while enjoying a calming, relaxing, and soothing effect; some of Granny’s Medicine therapeutic properties include relief from pain and anxiety. It’s also the perfect strain if you frequently experience insomnia or seizures.

  • Zenergy Seeds

Therapy-leaning marijuana consumers can smile as this Indica hybrid has the power to fight a range of afflictions. Containing an astonishing 24% CBD, these Zenergy seeds are a surefire solution to get folks back on their feet. The strain carries therapeutic properties designed to relieve pain and inflammation while softly soothing anxiety and stress. Its low THC level of 5% delivers a mild high, so users can be sure to experience a high without psychedelia, hallucinations, or paranoia. Every hit of its fluffy, colorful buds releases a sweet, spicy, and piney flavor; therapy has never felt that sweet. Growers can expect to harvest the plants after 6-7 weeks with an indoor yield of 350-450g/m² and outdoor output of 450-550g per plant.

  • Super Kush Seeds

An Indica-centric hybrid, Super Kush seeds will restore your wellness, thanks to its incredibly high CBD level of 25%. It’s known to provide therapeutic properties that alleviate depression, insomnia, and muscle spasms while providing a happy and relaxed effect. Its earthy, skunk, and tropical aroma laces every puff of smoke with hypnotizing sweetness, but keep food close because Super Kush will surely evoke the munchies. Indoor-grown seeds produce 500g/m² and 500g per plant when grown outside.

The Perks of Autoflower Seeds

Also known as day-neutral cannabis strains, autoflowering seeds produce crops that automatically switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage based on age rather than the duration of light and darkness. Meanwhile, feminized seeds tend to stay in the vegetative stage indefinitely so long as they are exposed to light 18 hours daily.

Autoflowering seeds have several advantages. They include:

  • Shorter turn-around times – Autoflowering marijuana plants flower on their own 2-4 weeks after germination. That means growers don’t need to worry about changing the light schedule to trigger the flowering stage.
  • Shorter plant height – Unlike feminized strains, autoflowering cannabis tends to reach no more than 3 feet. Therefore, they are the best option for those living in a crowded area or worried about the neighbors since you can grow them discreetly inside small and tight spaces.

So, why grow autoflowering strains? Autos have a fast growth rate, meaning you can have multiple harvests in a growing season. Their hardy and forgiving nature makes them easier to grow and nurture and are therefore ideal for those doing marijuana cultivation for the first time. They also highly resist pests and pathogens, allowing them to weather outdoor conditions.

The Advantages of Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are specifically bred to produce only female plants, unlike regular/normal seeds with high susceptibility to hermaphroditism. They flower based on the amount of darkness they receive each night. This cannabis variant will continue grpwing as long as they receive 12 hours of complete darkness every month. While autoflowering strains take 2 months to grow, photoperiodic seeds take between 4-5 months.

The advantages of feminized (photoperiodic)

  • Longer grow time – Feminized marijuana plants take 16-20 weeks to mature into budding crops compared to autoflower strains that take a shorter time (2-4 weeks).
  • Taller plant heights – The extended life cycle of feminized cannabis strains favors growers who want to grow as tall ad big plants as possible. Depending on the genetics, feminized marijuana can grow up to a height of 3 meters or more.
  • Larger yields per m² – If you plan to grow feminized weed strains indoors, you can expect larger yields per m². Because they have complete control of the indoor environment, cultivators can grow huge marijuana plants with large, heavy buds to produce incredible yields.

Feminized marijuana seeds can guarantee that you’ll produce female plants known to produce impressive buds. They are ideal if you want to reap high yields and high-quality, potent cannabis flowers.

If you’re searching for a reputable seed bank dedicated to supplying high-quality and stable seeds, look no further than Weed Seeds Canada. We have a wide range of autoflowering seeds, high CBD, and feminized seeds, so you’re guaranteed a deal of a lifetime. Purchase seeds today, and we’ll ship your order the next day after payment confirmation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the latest updates on Cannabis Culture in British Columbia from Weed Seeds Canada. Our writers are not lawyers and this page should not replace legal advice from a lawyer. We are marijuana seed farmers not legal professionals so read on about weed cultivation and use in British Columbia at your own risk.

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in British Columbia ?

Yes, souvenir seeds bought for collection and novelty purposes are legal in BC. Save your marijuana seed in a humidity and temperature controlled environment like a jar in the basement. Collect all 619 varieties today.


Written by Rick Smith . Updated: February 6, 2023

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