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  • Why WSC is the place to go – Weed Seeds Canada is a Canadian Seed bank where you take your need for seeds when you want high quality product from people who you can trust. Our first-time customers are always repeat customers, because they instantly recognize that there is no place they’d rather be. Here are some of the reasons our happy customers keep coming back:
  • Best selection of seedsIt’s hard to claim seed dominance with a limited selection, and that is why many seedbanks must bow out gracefully once we’re mentioned. We work with the most professional and dedicated growers in the business, and all our seeds are vetted for quality before they ever get to you.
  • Stable Tested GeneticsIf at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve tried or how many batches we’ve gone through to get the perfect seeds, just know that if you have them, they’re the best possible quality they can be.
  • Thousands of satisfied customersOur customers are the most important part of our business, and we take a lot of pride in reading the reviews and seeing the testimonies of how happy they are with our product and our level of service.
  • Quickest Shipping in CanadaIn Canada, the growing season is limited in most places, and we don’t want to exacerbate the process by having you wait forever for your cannabis seeds. We make sure we ship them out the next day for that reason.

Buy Seeds That Thrive in Yukon

  • Educate reader on WSC product line, and shipping times – With the weather as volatile as it can be in Yukon, you need seeds you can depend on, especially if you’re going to attempt to grow them outdoors. You need good quality seeds and you need them fast, as your premier YT seed bank we’re happy to oblige.
  • Over seven hundred strains to choose from – The only issue you might encounter while shopping with us is decision fatigue with the sheer range of options you must choose from in our catalogue of over 700 seeds. We’ve thought ahead and designed the website so that it’s easy to find your favorite strains without too much hassle.
  • Over 50 fast flowering strainsFast flowering strains are the key to a speedy grow when battling the icy winters of Canada. We make it easy to find a sturdy stain that can soldier through a short grow season
  • Over two hundred autoflower strainsAutoflowers are your best friend when your grow time and light source is limited. They can survive indoor or outdoor, and they simplify the process no matter the climate. Plus, your favorite Yukon seed bank has a wide range to choose from
  • Orders ship next business day after confirmation of paymentOnce your order has been confirmed and we receive payment in any form, we begin to process that order immediately. Good things come to those who wait, but the less you have wait the happier you are.

Cheap Seeds Yukon

  • Educate reader on the fact that not all cheap seeds are quality seeds. Watch out for hermaphrodites & unstable seeds & old seeds: – When getting cheap seeds from another Canadian seed bank, you run the risk of finding hermaphrodites, unstable seeds, or old seeds. At WSC we understand you may be a little budget conscious, so we made sure that we can provide you with affordable seeds without having to skimp on quality.
  • Cheapest in Canada among the reputable seed banksEven if you’ve narrowed down your seed bank search, we’re still your best option as we don’t sacrifice on quality regardless of the price point

Payment options

  • E-Transfers {for the writers, this is like Zelle – send someone a payment by email once you add them as a contact in your banking dashboard.} – Payments are quick, easy, and transparent with our easy-to-use payment system through E-transfers. This service works similar to Zelle, and you can send money using your email address or phone number.
  • The other person needs to know the code to accept the transfer and then its irreversible once accepted. – When you send payment to a person, you are also required to give them a code that they enter to confirm that they have received the money. Once this transaction has been accepted it cannot be undone.

The Best Time of Year to Grow Cannabis Outdoors in Yukon

  • How long is the growing season outdoorsThe growing season in Yukon is super short, at only 70-80 frost free days. It would help if you started growing them inside a few weeks before, then take them outside as little sprouts. This way you’d maximize the outdoor grow opportunity
  • When should growers plant their seedlingsIt would be best for growers to start their seedlings indoors around late March. This will give them enough time to germinate and sprout, and you can transplant them later when it’s warmer
  • When should growers look to harvestHarvesting pot in Yukon can be done in August at the latest, hence why it’s best to take advantage of the summer sun by giving yourself a head start

Growing Marijuana Indoors from Seed

  • Set your harvests to beat the outdoor crops and get a better rate for your crops before supply drops the price!You will have a leg up on the competition if you choose to grow indoors, because you’ll be able to have healthy growing plants regardless of the season, allowing for multiple harvests per year.
  • Can grow all year around in grow tent, indoorsThere are a few set ups you can use to grow all year round such as grow tents, a well-lit room or basement, or even an insulated greenhouse
  • Standard equipment to grow indoorsWhen growing indoors, there are some key equipment needed, including proper LED lights, humidifier, water meter, fans, proper ventilation, and drying equipment
  • More potent and higher yields with controlled environmentBecause you can guarantee the amount of light your plant will get inside, you will have a more potent, higher yielding harvest. You have control over the entire growth process, allowing less chances for hiccups
  • Flexibility to use hydro, aero and other automationThe flexibility of growing inside is a big advantage. You can feed your plants a water-based solution with hydroponics, you use aeroponics to avoid soil related issues, or you can use a number of soil-based methods. Either way, you’re in the driver’s seat

The Best Fertilizer for Growing Marijuana Outside in Yukon

  • What to look for in a fertilizer – Suited for growing cannabis and work well in the YT environment.The trick when looking to fertilize your weed plants in Yukon is finding a good source of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. These may come from natural sources or pre-packaged
  • Due to the short summer weather, fast flowering and autoflowering strains are better suited.Being they’re ready for harvesting quicker than regular marijuana strains, fast flowering and autoflowering plants are best giving the extremely short grow season, which is an advantage you’ll especially need if you’re growing your plants outdoors.

The Perfect Strains to Grow Yukon

  • What type of cannabis strain is best suited to the Yukon environment – Autoflower? feminized? fast flower? long flower? Mold resistant?For the fastest growing times, autoflowers would be the go-to option as they flower quickly with no dependence on a light schedule. Whether inside or out, mold resistant and pest resistant strains will always make life easier

Top 3 Autoflower Weed Strains to Buy YT

  • White LSD Autoflower Seeds A balanced hybrid at 24% THC and 2% CBD, this LSD x White Widow offspring will help you forget it’s cold in Yukon. These seeds are better suited for the indoor environment, which is better suited for here growing overall, and you’ll get a decent haul of about 450g per m2 in 9 weeks.
  • Skywalker Autoflower Seeds This popular hybrid indica is the one Canadians turn to when there’s nothing else left standing between them and their desire for a comfortable bed. A hybrid indica with 22% THC, your body will melt and you’ll be locked-in where ever you’re sitting for awhile, and it’s perfect for the insomniacs that generally have trouble sleeping.
  • Cheesecake Gelato Autoflower Seeds Planting these gems indoors will give you a significantly higher yield at 450g per m2 compared to 120g per plant outdoors. Perfect for that mid-day boost, this sativa hybrid has 20% THC and 2% CBD. Flowering time takes 8-10 weeks, and the earthy vanilla flavor will make it your favorite snack.

Top 3 Fast Flower Marijuana Strains to Buy YT

  • Kush Mintz Fast Flower Seeds – Sometimes you need a little extra strength to get through those Yukon winters, and this Animal Mintz x Bubba Kush is a balanced hybrid that has all the spunk you need with 26% THC. This fast flower doesn’t disappoint, giving a satisfying yield of 600g per m2 indoors in 6-8 weeks.
  • Hellfire Fast Flower Seeds Hellfire is exactly what you need when the snow is as high as your window and the winds are blowing your hopes and dreams further into the frozen tundra. A balanced hybrid at 18% THC and 2% CBD, you’ll be able to toke on this at any time of day as a mood booster, for some energy, or just to relax. A quick 6-8 weeks will serve you 450g per m2 indoors, and 700g per plant if you have a chance to grow outdoors
  • Cindy Skunk Fast Flower Seeds We’ve all seen Cinderella cozy up with her animals, but who knew she had this Skunk tucked away for a snowy day. Reap the benefits of her hard work by getting your hands on these 18% THC indica hybrid seeds. They’ll go from sprout to flower in 6-8 weeks, and you’ll enjoy 500g per m2

The Benefits of Autoflower Seeds

  • What is an autoflower seed? How it is different to a photoperiod seed (feminized)Whereas photoperiod seeds need a specific amount of light in order to grow and flower, autoflower seeds have no such requirement. Thanks to their ruderalis genes, they’ll flower automatically based on maturity instead
  • Generally, have shorter turn around timesBecause autoflowers aren’t waiting for seasons to change or grow lights to be adjusted, they tend to flower a lot faster than their photoperiod counterparts
  • Typically, shorter plant heightsThe same ruderalis genes that allow the plants to flower on their own, also stunt their growth, since ruderalis are short and bushy in nature. Not to worry, shorter plants do not mean lower quality
  • Why reader should grow autosGrowing autos is a great way to save time and effort, as it greatly reduces the level of maintenance needed. These are also perfect for beginner growers.

The Perks of Feminized Seeds

  • What is a feminized seed? How it is different to an autoflower seedFeminized seeds are seeds that come from female plants that have either been stressed during the growing process or sprayed with colloidal silver or silver thiosulfate in order to produce all females seeds without the need for male pollen. Autoflower seeds are seeds from plants crossbred with the ruderalis strain, to ensure that they flower based on time and not light source. Autoflowers can be male or female.
  • generally, have longer grow timefeminized seeds tend to have a longer grow time than autoflower seeds, as is the case with all photoperiods. Get feminized autos for the best of both worlds
  • typically, taller plant heightsThe ruderalis genes in autoflowers tend to make them shorter and bushier than normal, so the feminized photoperiods are typically taller in stature
  • typically, larger yields per m²Feminized seeds have a longer lifecycle, and are therefore able to produce more growth
  • why reader should grow femsIf you want to experience a grow process that doesn’t involve having to weed out all the males halfway through, then feminized seeds are definitely the way to go

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the latest updates on Cannabis Culture in Yukon from Weed Seeds Canada. Our writers are not lawyers and this page should not replace legal advice from a lawyer. We are marijuana seed farmers not legal professionals so read on about weed cultivation and use in Yukon at your own risk.

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Yukon ?

Yes, souvenir seeds bought for collection and novelty purposes are legal in YK. Save your marijuana seed in a humidity and temperature controlled environment like a jar in the basement. Collect all 619 varieties today.


Written by Rick Smith . Updated: February 15, 2023

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