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Fat Bastard Seeds Fat Bastard Seeds from Weed Seeds are the perfect choice for cannabis growers looking for high yields in the coming growing season. Using specially developed genetics, these seeds produce plants with higher trichome content than traditional strains. Plus, they are highly resistant to both bugs and mold, making them ideal for outdoor growing conditions.

Kid Cannabis Story


The Kid Cannabis Story is the tale of a nerdy teenager turned $38 million dollar cannabis kingpin. Nate Norman and his group of friends/co-workers would travel across the border to Canada, buy weed from hippies, and smuggle it over into the United States. Wearing camouflaged suits, the group would sneak thorugh the woods to cross the border, and sold the weed in the U.S. for top dollar. Eventually however, various struggles in and outside the friends group led to Nate Norman being back-stabbed by the very people whom he thought to trust.

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Campfire Cannabis

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Campfire Cannabis’ online dispensary will soon open to the public; until we’re open for business online, you can still shop in one of our two Massachusetts locations: West Boylston and Salisbury. Stop in any time we’re open and find quality marijuana flower & pre-rolls, concentrates & topicals, and delicious marijuana edibles. Campfire Cannabis

Marijuana Seeds For Sale Tennessee


Weed Seeds USA

In Tennessee, Weed Seeds is the go-to source for all your marijuana seed needs. We have a wide range of top-quality seeds from all around the world that are sure to meet any recreational or medicinal requirements. Plus, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is ready to help with any questions you might have while shopping. Get started today and find the perfect marijuana seeds for sale in Tennessee with Weed Seeds!

Smoking Cbd


Is smoking CBD bad for your health? Health experts agree that hemp cigarettes are a lot healthier for the body than tobacco- and since our CBD smokes from The Real Stuff contain nothing but authentic organic CBD hemp, they’re a much safer choice compared to store-bought cigarettes or herbal smokes. Real Stuff Smokables